About me

I write this blog to keep me on the straight and narrow when it comes to exercising and living well.  Sometimes the straight and narrow is training harder, and sometimes it is stepping away – but I always need focus to stop myself from procrastinating all over the place.  This blog has charted me from some early runs – I started running in 2003 but sadly those early years went undocumented – to the present and will hopefully be of interest and inspiration to you.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. So Petra, I need HELP! I saw your blog and was absolutely INSPIRED by your dedication, energy and life enhancing vitality. How do you do it!??!! I am a fat arse. I gotta admit it! I long to do the extra, get to the target, be a doer and do my personal BEST! BUt when the shit hits the fan, I just chiill out, have a beer and cant get myself up from the sofa. So whats the answer? I need good vibes, dedication and energy to commit to LIFE, RUNNING, and yes, JOY! Help me Petra, tell mw what to do to stop being a slob and start being a HUMAN, with targets, goals and the ability to COMMIT, WIN and JOIN IN, HELP!! greville (asthmatic and catholic)

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