Yes, my trip to Indonesia was everything I could have hoped it would be.  It was amazing.  Those of you who are my friends on FaceBook have had the opportunity of seeing 100s of photos of our trip.  We had a fantastic time.  Trekking around 4 islands in Indonesia with 2 children was not always for the faint of heart – there were some early morning getting to train stations, some hot waits for rickety boats on a beach and packing 4 people up every 2 or 3 nights is not something I’m great at. And 4 strong-willled individuals who were in each other’s company for virtually every minute for 3 weeks did occasionally disagree – but overall it was great.

I set out, in part, to show my husband and kids where I was from. And I did that, and I think that worked.  But the trip proved about so much more than that – so much of the experiences were new to me as well and so having this incredible experience together with my husband and kids was an very bonding thing to do.  My advice to you would be just do it.  Take your kids and go travel.  Be adventurous!  It will work out and you will all gain enormously from it!

For the first time in years I did not finish a holiday ready to go home.  There is so much more to see in this huge friendly beautiful country and we will definitely be back to explore more.

An added bonus of being away for 3 whole weeks over Christmas and New Year is that you kind of miss the holiday season.  And if that makes me sound like the grinch – well, I guess I’m kind of turning into one about Christmas.  I mean it is, seriously, so much hard and thankless work and I did not miss it. At all.  No trips to hysteria-inducing packed supermarkets with lists as long as my arm, no constant assault of boxes from Amazon, no hours of cooking – none of it.  Not to mention the lounging around waiting for Christmas to begin, the crap on tv that everyone insists on watching and ugh.  I know.  I am the grinch.  I’ve already promised my kids we’ll be home for Christmas next year and I will do all the big and little things I need to do to feel like a good mother creating memories for her offspring but in the meantime – man! This was good!  We had pizza on Christmas day!  We swam and sunbathed and read and had smoothies.  None of which I shopped for, prepared or cleared away.  It was Christmas for me, definitely.  And New Year was the same – we went to bed before midnight (after a new year’s eve buffet which featured – bizarrely – turkey!) to get up in time for an elephant ride.  DSCN1349

But I did miss out on resolutions, and I love resolutions.  I’ve been trying to catch up on all of your blogs (still a work in progress) and I know that not everyone likes resolutions but I do.  I like them at New Year, I like them at Easter, I like them in November – the act of resolving is an act I like.  And while I used to beat myself up for putting some resolutions on my list year after year without actually doing them, the benefit of getting older is that I see that I tend to eventually get round to doing what I resolve.  Some things just seem to take years to germinate.  So my resolutions for 2013:

  • to dare greatly.  I think many of us lose the confidence to try something we’re not sure will work.  Fear of failure gets in the way of trying things.  I don’t want to do that – I want to be bold and brave and pick myself up after I fall and try something else.
  • to train intelligently.  This is one of those resolutions I make again and again but I’m just going to hammer it until it sinks in.  So yes to rolling and stretching and core strength and strength strength (and I am actually doing those last 2 now so that has finally sunken in) and to seeing the osteopath before I get injured.  Yes to backing off if I feel a niggle rather than persevering until it’s an injury.  Yes to good food and good rest.
  • to be kind to myself. Not to let myself off the hook when I need to haul myself up, but to stop beating myself up over stuff I shouldn’t beat myself up over, to be a little less harsh on myself .  Maybe to be a little less quick to judge – myself and others.

That will do – won’t it?  And so, in the spirit of that last resolution I won’t be downhearted or dispirited by the fact that 3 weeks of not training (gaawwd! Can you believe that?) have made my first week of training slow.  Heartrate high, pace slow.  I will have faith in my coach, who says it will come back, and stick to the plan.  2013 is my year of running and I’m loving it! IMG_1707


11 thoughts on “Yes.

  1. So happy that you had such an amazing adventure type trip! I love to travel, and I agree, taking kids on trips, while challenging, leads to growth and good times and memories for a lifetime. I like how you set resolutions – with no attachments, just the understanding that eventually they happen, if they continue to stay important to you. I just saw you are running London in April. Awesome! Happy 2013 Petra!

  2. I’m so happy to hear about your amazing trip and see the pictures via FB. My parents took me all over when I was kid and I even lived in Singapore (with a few visits to Indonesia). If I ever kids, they will be traveling, too. I want them to get that experience that I had.

    Anyways, I guess your other post is deleted. I registered for the Yorkshire marathon. WeEE! My first one. So, I will see you there. I hope.

  3. Petra…I LOVE this post. As I do all of yours. So much of your thoughts always resonate with me so deeply. Travel! Yes. When we went to Thailand for a month before we had kids, we fell in love. And then when we went back when I was prego with my third, we fell in love all over again. We have plans to return when our oldest is 12-14ish. And yes, leave right around that Christmas/New Years time. Such a great adventure you had! I love the way you live your life. You inspire me on so many levels and this just confirms that I must make a trip to see you. 🙂 Your resolutions…I’m stealing. They are perfect enough that I want to print them out for myself. Daring greatly…yes! that will be our trip to NC. Training intelligently…doing that right now as I kind of struggle with a little niggle. Taking time off and being smart about when I start running again. Letting go of control and truly living up to the fact that I said my main goal this time is just to run healthy. And being kinder to myself and others…ahhhh, yes! Especially letting myself off the hook more. I’ve actually been so much better at this. Thank you for sharing yourself Petra. You inspire me on so many levels Happy New Year!

  4. Wow. Just LOVE reading this!! I found your blog from Amanda (Runninghood) and Kate (So Cal Runner) who I know both love your writing and am so inspired by everything you said in this post. I absolutely love your resolutions but, more than that, I can really relate to having certain things take years to “germinate”. I definitely find myself changing as I get older (recently celebrated a milestone birthday…and it wasn’t 30) and I like the person I am becoming much better than the one I was in my 20’s and early 30’s. I’m more appreciative of the little things in life, I am more patient with and kind to others (still need to work on patience with my kids, though), I am kinder on myself as well as to others and I am less quick to judge. Overall, I just find myself to be more forgiving.

    One of my recent goals has been to “dare greatly” in the sense that I have finally put some running goals together for myself, even though I doubt myself at times due to the fact that I’m no longer a spring chicken. I definitely might fail but it will no doubt be better than not trying!

    Here’s to a fabulous 2013 for you and your family! I look forward to following along!

  5. Also, totally forgot to comment on the Christmas part of your post. My husband commented just the other night that he didn’t like Christmas. I was so shocked as Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year! But then he reminded me of all the time I spent shopping for gifts, coming up with ideas for everyone, making sure all the kids had enough of everything, menu planning for 3 days of company (my daughter’s bday is December 23rd), grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, decorating, daily deliveries from Amazon…you get the point. Basically, he mentioned everything you did! 🙂 And I still love it because my kids love it but, really, I just love the family time. My favorite part of the holiday really is the week we spend on a snowy vacation between Christmas and New Year’s.

    Pizza, swimming, sunbathing and smoothies? Definitely sounds like it could be Christmas for me, too!

  6. It’s like mid-January and I still haven’t done a resolutions post, so I’m just going to cut and paste your words into mine, because this is exactly how I feel! Maybe I’ll get that up this week, just look for your words :).

    I’m so happy that your trip was a huge success; I’m sure words can’t even begin to express how amazing the experience was.

    Love you to pieces!! Sorry we didn’t hook up last weekend, we should try to work something out soon!

  7. Hmmm…be kind to yourself! LOVE this and I practice this often now in my more “advanced” years. It’s so hard when you have such a FULL life but so necessary! Love it! Love you!

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