>Poop – or love from Minnesota.

>Ah. I see the Minnesota Moose Poop has raised some comments. You’re just jealous because you want yourselves some love from Minnesota! Shame on all of you potty brains – the book is amazing (and it’s not too late to get Amazon to ship it to you – consider this my offer to send a loved one a helpful hint email)! Anyway – I just thought I’d delve a bit further into the poop – for journalism’s sake.

Forgive the rather bad photo. Check out the link above for a better shot of the packaging.
yes I know you need to hold your computer in front of a mirror to read this. Let me help you, it says “Certified Fresh from the Producer” (so far so worrying) and then the magic words “Chocolate Panned Peanuts”.
Poop in mouth (never thought I’d post that sentence on my blog)
all done

Have a good weekend’s running all of you!

12 thoughts on “>Poop – or love from Minnesota.

  1. >So, poop is not something I thought I would read about on your blog. But, this kinda of poop is welcome any time! Julie really did a great job as your secret santa. She's put the rest of us to shame!! Enjoy it and the holidays!

  2. >Ha ha! Yes, the Minnesota Moose Poop was sent with love:) I could of sent you Minnesota Loon Poop….the Moose looked cooler! Cute pictures! have a wonderful weekend Petra! Hugs:)

  3. >Thanks for sharing the delectable experience with us. Can't WAIT to try some poop. You just make it look so enticing!!I think you need your own tv show πŸ™‚ !

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  5. >don't get used to the poop…. Happy Holidays and have a great running year in 2011…. The Universe is waiting for you to take it this timemuch love across the Atlanticlizzie

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