>I should have that tattoed across my knuckles. JFDI. 3 weeks since my last post and what have I been doing? Chasing my tail, is what. Kids are back in school – and that was a last minute rush I only had 10 weeks to prepare for, I have finally, finally, finally, made a start on home improvements that have been on the program for a good 6 months, I have been down and back to London a number of times… I even went to Paris for the day. But more of all that stuff in a minute.

Running. Running, I have been running. Training, even. As per Lizzie Lee’s advice (and she’s a veteran AND fan of the RLRF plan) I plunged into week 12 of the half-marathon training program and used the paces from the Macmillan running calculator. I’ve tweaked it all a bit – used my marathon PR (now nearly exactly a year ago and a million miles away in terms of fitness but hey) to calculate my various paces. Which are measured in minutes and seconds, I then have to convert them to min/miles and if I’m running on my (metric?) treadmill, have to then convert into km/h. Oh enough to make an English graduate get a headache were it not for the fact that the internet is overflowing with nerds who calculate this stuff for me. Week 1? Good-ish. Given the diabolical wind we have at the moment I am giving myself permission to run on the treadmill for my speed workouts. Week 2? Not so goodish – tempo workout = fail (too hard) and long run was great – ran it with Dawn – but not at the 8:40 min/mile prescribed but a 10 min/mile which felt hard enough. Eh, I’m only building a base here folks. So I’m into week 3 now, this morning’s speedwork is done (nasty! 12 x 400m at 6:50 min/mile, that hurts me!). So – on balance, the running is okay. I am getting back in the saddle and the cross training, biking and swimming, is beginning to take shape as well. By the time we get to December – serious time! – I should be ready for this.

But now the rest of my life – it is bursting at the seams. Mostly with great good fun stuff. For example? Taking a day trip to Paris to meet with wonderful Jen and her husband. Jen and I ran together in California oh 2 1/2 years ago and so it was a total treat to spend the day before her birthday with her and Zach.Then with finally planning and project managing a new kitchen! I know ! Rock ‘n roll! I have been on the fence with this for SO long and now – with the help of another blogging buddy, architect extraordinaire Susan, I am finally getting this party started. Photos to follow..

I am just overloaded at the moment. I feel guilty telling you this because I know many of you have more commitments than I do, and the vast majority of my commitments are wonderful but still – there you have it. Day after day is planned, packed in. I have not caught up on your blogs for about 2 weeks, there is a pile of admin on my desk – panic panic panic. This blog post is hardly illuminating or interesting – it’s just going out there so you know I’m still here, I’m running, I’m training and I WILL catch up with you. Promise. Nothing material will change, but the wind turns and all of a sudden I can see clearly that I’m riding the crest of the wave again. Till then, head down, I’ll be pounding out those miles and getting those things done.


19 thoughts on “>JFDI.

  1. >RLRF is awesome but HARD. Everytime I used the plan I had to ease myself into the paces. So start about 30 sec/mile or so slower and see whether you can pick it up in the end. As long as you push yourself, you are going to get faster.Amazing that you can go to Paris for the day! Good luck with everything!

  2. >PETRA!!! Oh How I've missed you..and oh how I've slacked on the email to you and oh how I've slacked on the weigh in to you…and I'm not a being a good email buddy at all! So let's get back to that, ok? Ok!! That's so fun (and stressful???) about your kitchen revamp!! I'd love to light a torch to mine and start over…maybe one day. I did paint my cabinets last summer and I like them, but they're not the same as new ones.I'm so glad your running's going strong and those paces and fitness will come back to you soon…that's where I am, a million miles away from my last December PR, but we'll get there!! You look just adorable in Paris with your friends. Big Hugs to you, sweetie!! I'll email you tonight! Promise!

  3. >I agree the RLRF is a great program especially for busy busy people. I did it 3 times. The thing I enjoyed the most is that I was SUPER anxious for the next workout. Always felt very rested and READY to go. Will eventually go back to that program in a few more years when I get too old for all these miles.We remodeled our WHOLE house in 2008. It took the whole year. Was so very hard, but worth it in the end. Pictures of my kitchen on fb. My brother built my cabinets. They are beautiful!

  4. >Thanks for the "veteran" qualitative adjective, but not sure I am. What I can tell you is that for first time since doing RLRF, I am INDEED RL and RF. Hitting tempo runs at paces I never thought I could get. I really hope it works for you… And never underestimate the treadmill, is there for us, especially when the weather doesn't cooperate. Incline the treadmill to simulate the wind resistance. I always have done my intervals in the treadmill because it keeps me focus and at the pace: JFDI. As you know running is more about discipline and consistency, no matter where we run.

  5. >Love ya! Hang in there with your to-do list and remember to just take it one day at a time.I was so behind on blogs too, I just cleared my reader and started over. People will understand. Just clear it out and start fresh, it's much less stressful.XOXO

  6. >Lots of exciting stuff on the home front! Nice job on getting back into the swing of things with training. I think I might try RLRF since I've been dealing with a lot of injuries lately…sounds like it's and ass kicker though! Love the picture 🙂

  7. >You have much going on and you're running too. Good for you!! I understand how time can just fly by and, all of a sudden, we haven't blogged for weeks. Just did that! The good news is that we'll still be around to read your posts whenever you have time. Good luck with the new kitchen. That's exciting!

  8. >So much going on in your life but you sound HAPPY and it also sounds like your training is coming along! The Paris picture makes me smile!!

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