>You’re with Stupid.

>That would be me. Stupid, stupid me. After a decent early week of running, 16M which included a 6 miler with 3 at tempo (yes I know Haile is not worried yet but still) I was closing the shutters in one of our bedrooms on Friday night (anticipating 4M on Saturday morning and 10 on Sunday to bring me a satisfying 30 mile week) when I banged my foot on a sticking-up floorboard and got a nail in it. It has just lifted up a flap of skin (believe me you’ll be happy I don’t post a photo of this) and it’s nothing serious but when I went out to run on Saturday I realised there was no way I could do so. It hurts too much to land on it. Same yesterday.

How stupid is this? This is no serious injury and yet there is no way I can run. I can’t swim for a few days due to another issue (I’ll spare you the TMI there) so this is now very very frustrating. I would bike, assuming that biking doesn’t hurt my foot BUT I’ve sold my bike. Which is good news – I didn’t make a killing but more or less got back what I paid for it so with a year’s riding I’m happy with that – but I’m now bike-less. I intend to remedy this situation fairly immediately. My parents are staying with us for a few days so I will prevail on their desire for quality time with the grandchildren to head to a bike shop and find myself a new, sweet, ride. While I am keen to go local, the local shops only have one, maybe two brands and very little for me to choose from. Instead I have found this place, Wheelbase, which is quite a drive away (3 hours or so) but seems to have LOTS of different brands, choice and lots of expertise. What do you think?
The only thing I have managed to stick with this past week is week 1 of the Hard Core Club. I’ve done 3 sessions, one of which with my 64 year old mother who holds a plank like nobody’s business. High standards.
So where does that leave me? I’m getting antsy about my schedule-less existence. I have been reading Run Less Run Faster and I’m thinking I might use this to train for Boston. It is quite a different program from the high-mileage Pfitzinger program which has helped me so much in London and Berlin. However, I am quite certain that one of the things that really helped with Pfitzinger was tempo and speed work, and the Run Less Run Faster program is pretty demanding on these. I would then be able to do at least one strong bike workout and one strong swimming workout per week, as well as a yoga-type workout. Training for 16 + 2 weeks (because I’m hoping to squeeze a non-running, hard skiing week in January) would mean beginning on December 13th. Given that I have 2 more weeks of children’s holidays to go, this stupid foot to heal up, and a bike to buy, I will give myself the next two weeks to set things up and write a base plan starting the week commencing Sept 6th. The book recommends having a 30M base before starting as well as getting used to the fairly punishing paces. I’m not even quite sure where to start with the paces – I have never done a 5K, my last 10K was a long time ago, as was my last full and half-mary. They suggest doing 3 one-mile all-out efforts and using that time as a basis and depressing as that’s going to be I think I will do that. I will then start incorporating tempo / speed into each week so I get used to that again.
So there we are – talking things through with all of you is making me feel better. I have a plan, even if it doesn’t – can’t – start today. I will keep you posted on bike-buying and foot-healing. Till soon my lovely ones. Oh and I have no relevant photos but I’ll post this one from a sunny run a few weeks ago. I’m smiling because I’ve already come up this 1 mile + hill and now all I’ve got to do is go down it again.

17 thoughts on “>You’re with Stupid.

  1. >Ugh! That absolutely stinks! Hopefully it will heal up quickly. BUT–how much fun to shop for a new bike? That will give you something to hold onto while you can't run. Post some pictures when you get the new ride!I think you'll be just fine for your training–you have a good base to draw from.

  2. >Could have happened to me too 🙂 Your plan sounds good to me although I'm no expert at training plans, still a rookie in that field. But one thing I do know: having a plan always helps on the days you don't feel like training. You still do it because you have a plan.

  3. >A few months ago I fell on the bathroom floor (too much rushing around) and bruised my tailbone. It was more frustrating than a running injury. Hope you heal quickly!!!As you know, I love the FIRST plan. It is tough, but after a few hard workouts your brain gets used to the pain, so it gets easier! Good luck!

  4. >Dear… sorry to hear about the nail…about your running/swimming and biking I gotta say, no pun intended, it looked like a comedy of errors…I will be thrilled if you follow Furman. One way to select your paces for key workouts #1 and #2 is go to McMillan running calculator and put your marathon time. Let it calculate your 5K and 10K paces, and work from there the first two weeks. If it's a punishing pace but you CAN do it, that's ok. If too easy, adjust. I did that this year because based on my PR 5K the paces are too hard after being sidelined for 3 months. So now I am trying it in a reverse way, and the paces are hard but I can complete the workouts …. I wish you the best.much love across the Atlantic…

  5. >Ouch! So sorry about the foot. I'm the same way, just love when I figure out my plan and look forward to the start of it. I'm going to give Pfitzinger's 12 wk plan a try this time – should be fun – if I can handle the mileage. Good Luck with the bike search, I'm no help with that. I have a Hybrid – Raleigh Passage 4.0 but I'm just a recreational biker.

  6. >Yay! I use run less/faster. I love it!!Awesome at sticking w/hcc!!!How come you always look so freaking amazing in your run photos. Jealous.

  7. >What am I going to do with you?? You at least have valid excuses to your non-exercising whereas I am just being pouty and whiny and I only got in 2 HCC workouts and barely any cardio. Slap me, will you??? I'm always so excited to read your posts because they just make me want to get my butt in gear and get moving. I've never been in a rut like this so I appreciate all your very kind words of inspiration to me! We WILL do this, right? Right!!! Get that stupid foot healed, you wouldn't want me to surpass you on the exercise this week, girl!! ;)xo

  8. >I have that book and think the plan makes sense. I'm glad you're going to try it because then we can see how it stacks up against plans like Pfitz.Hope the foot gets better and you find a sweet new ride!

  9. >so sorry about the stupid nail 😦 hope it's feeling better!yay for a new bike! i'm sure you will be able to find something even if it does mean a bit of a drive and I have heard a lot of people like the Run Less Run Faster plan…I am tempted to look into this since I seem to be injury prone these days.

  10. >I hope your foot has healed by now and that you've found a new bike! That would be great!! I have decided that I need a new training plan for my next marathon. Pfitz has become an ordeal for me to keep up with this time around. I'll have to read RLRF as it may be good for me too. BTW, I have the same question as EMZ. How is it that you always look amazing in your running photos? Hope you are well!!

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