>Bring it on Uncle Pfitz.

>14 weeks from today I will be lining up for my 8th marathon, the Experian Robin Hood marathon in Nottingham. We have established it will be devoid of robbing and pillaging. We have established that the vast majority of runners will be running the half, leaving a small group to run another half on their lonesomes around a windy watersports training centre. We have established that I will be dealing with the loneliness by drawing on my experience of running alone for most of my training and by listening to my iPod. So now all I have to do is train for the thing.

Let’s establish where I am – physically. I’m slow. I’ve not done any speedwork since my Boston training finished, over 6 weeks ago. I’ve not done masses of running – I’ve not even updated my DailyMile totals for months. I had another blood test recently which established that I am still anaemic and so for the past 2 weeks I have been taking my iron pills (diligently – I had stopped taking them months ago when they ran out). And I have felt a slight increase in spring in step. So I am slow, but healthy. Knees are fine. The periformis pain (also known as pain in the *ss) which has been bugging me for over a year now is still there but does not appear to be getting any worse and seems to be responding to some hard sessions with my new foam roller. I will do what I did in training for my last three marathons and book a session with Jonathan, my running osteopath, every 3 weeks which seems to keep me more or less stretched. I would also like to keep up the biking I’ve been doing recently – nothing massive or strenuous but at least an hour a week at 15mph. And I am going to try to make at least one yoga class a week – again, my yoga classes are unbelievably unstrenuous but therein lies much of the appeal. My pushup challenge has been slightly halted by a sharp pain to the left of my right hip – I am a bit worried I may be giving myself a hernia and so am switching to different pushups on my yoga ball. (For those in the know – does this look like the right idea?
I am determined to work on stability and strength for the first time and I hope that will make me stronger and faster. Finally – my relative dietary diligence means I’m only pounds away from where I want to be. I set myself back a bit this afternoon with some pringles, but you know how it goes once you pop.. Sigh.

Mentally, you’ll all be happy to hear I am in a really great frame of mind. I have worked my way through the pile of cr*p that was the last 6 months and I am ready to go. On all fronts.

So training-wise I am back with Pete Pfitzinger. It’s worked before and it’ll work again. I’m stretching out his 12 week 55M program to 14 weeks – not sure yet which weeks to double, tips? – and although I KNOW I will be cursing him next Saturday morning when I have to drag 8M at race pace out of my 13 miler – sheesh Uncle Pfitz, cut me some slack! – it will be good for me.

I’ve cranked out a 40M week to set me up, finishing off with a 14M run this morning in the rain.

Running-wise, life-wise. Bring. It. ON!


22 thoughts on “>Bring it on Uncle Pfitz.

  1. >Sounds like you are off and running, pun intended. Glad to hear you're training and ready to take on the world! About Pfitz, you could put in an 18 mile run before each 20, just to ease into the 20 (or prolong it :)). BTW, great pic, you are very photogenic! Have a great week!

  2. >Love that pic. I'm thinking of doing the Pfitz method when I get my miles back up. I need a change! I'm loving that pic of you. I find running in the rain (but not the wind) so refreshing! Im so glad things seem on the up swing for you!

  3. >Lovely photo of you in the rain! You look so content with life.And I remember having that piriformis syndrome a few years back and it lasted a long time but really didn't affect my running much (mostly sitting!). Fingers crossed though that it goes away soon. I know how annoying it can be.

  4. >You know what has been so neat? Following your phase from last fall, into the spring and now into the summer. We don't always pause to notice our own phases but you have really helped me understand myself a little better and kind of relax when things aren't going so well in my head or heart. Thanks for putting yourself out there. I'm happy things are going well with you and that training is moving along, GO PETRA!I've been doing a lot of strength training and stability training and although it's taken about 6 months, I'm feeling the difference. Keep it up!Hugs and love,meg

  5. >40 mile weeks…wish I was there. Great news on all fronts sounds like…my running, biking, yoga, pringle eating friend is doing well. And, yes, you look amazing too!

  6. >Your mental strength is excellent, which is key as now the physical stuff will just be so much easier! You've got it in the bag, as they say!! My old trainer used to have me do those pushups with that stability ball on my ankles and my hands on tinier balls – totally hard! You're going to love what that thing does for your core, though. I'm so happy that things are settling down for you…we've discussed how we've been very similar in that regards and I know how easier it is to run when you feel lighter in your heart! You're going to have a fab race in Nott, I just know it!! Hugs to you, girl!! And what a cute picture!!!!

  7. >WOW, Dear Petra… that's some serious running right there….. I am combining a lot of things too, not by choice but to avoid the boring times while not running… My dream is that will all be good!

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