>You guys! Are amazing! Just go back now and see ALL the comments you left on my blog last week. I asked for a slap round the head and none of you really did it but instead you completely brought me round. Changing your attitude can be very hard – I find – but change it you did. I did everything you told me to do – I rested up, I enjoyed my time with the family in Holland, I did a little bit of running. Instead of worrying away at the problem of what to do in Boston you all gave me permission not to think about it for a little bit and I started to get very very excited about what lies ahead.

As some of you said, going into Boston with a little bit of an injury (time off has done my knee good, what can I say?) takes the pressure off enormously. I’m going in this to run this and enjoy this, not to PR. The last 2 marathons I’ve run – London and Berlin – I really really pushed myself and while I am thrilled I did it, I did not experience much of the marathon itself. I was just fighting. I never knew I could fight like I did and that’s a great thing to know about myself – that fight made Boston possible. But Boston is no fight. Boston is the reward. So that is what I’m going to do. I have often been a really happy racer – smiling for the race photos – but in London I ended the race with black lips and severe cramps and in Berlin I was in the medical tent for some minutes and ended up running under a foil blanket despite the heat – so I want to get the happy racer back. I’m even contemplating running watch-less – my only worry about this is that I will end up going out too fast. Without a watch I won’t slow myself down enough at the beginning, I fear. Thoughts?

Finally, finally, finally. I do know my post was really self-indulgent. Thank you for bearing with me. And for pointing out that there was more to it than purely aiming for a PR. As if to underline that point, I just read Lizzie Lee’s most recent post. Read it, and make sure you click through the link that she puts in there. OK – the humble pie has gone down..

So let’s end this as I started this – THANK YOU! I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve friends like you lot but I’ve got you and I thank you. (BFF Dawnie emailed me from her holiday after reading all the comments – she lurks! – to check that she was still my BFF. ).

Me after my last 10 miler last Saturday in Holland – and yes that is sweat on my lens. Happy happy happy!


21 thoughts on “>I’M RUNNING BOSTON!

  1. >Finally! It's about time that you realize your awesomeness and are celebrating the fact that you're running Boston. I'm glad you finally realized what we've known all along–you're a superstar!

  2. >Love you dear. All of us need your smile and your joy. We are like dominoes pieces all leaning together, one is full of joy, the others are. Enjoy, and be happy. We all be there with you. You know that…

  3. >If you're used to wearing your watch, perhaps it would be best to wear it on race day, as usual… Be sure to buy one of those nice yellow and blue Adidas BAA jackets with the unicorn on back (or some other nice souvenir). Lucky you–

  4. >Yaaaaaay! Petra is back on top! Bring on Bean Town!!!I think running without your Garmin would be a good idea. Just enjoy every minute of it without worrying about the minutes. Run like it feels good!

  5. >Yipeeeeee, see you soon and I love your picture from Holland…you make it seem so natural!!!Happy, safe and quick travels to Boston, only 4 more days!!

  6. >Nothing makes me more joyous then to just run how I feel, and that usually means watchless. I haven't done it often in a race, but I have loved it when I have. You know best though. :)Now go enjoy your reward, dig into it, take a big bite out of it and savor! And wash it down with some bubbly, okay?Have fun, drink and be merry!

  7. >You have a great attitude going into this–good for you. I can totally relate to what you are saying about fighting so hard in a race–worth it, yes, but a very different experience from slowing down and enjoying the moment. It will be awesome, I'm sure!

  8. >Thanks for stopping by my blog; after reading about your Boston woes, I feel you and I are in the same boat and understand the torment we've been going through. You're right, Boston is the reward and we'll just go and have a great time! Would be great to see you there!!?? Hope you're feeling well this week and are resting up for the big event :).

  9. >I feel exactly the same. I worked so hard to pr at St. George. I know Boston will not be a pr and for me, that is not what it's about. I would like to run decent, but I will let the day, be what it will be and I plan to enjoy it.I personally could not run this one without my Garmin because I would definitely go out way too fast. I do like the thought of it though.Good Luck! c dufrene at net door dot com9:50 PM

  10. >I'm glad you're running Boston. What a fantastic experience. I would be tempted to wear the watch even if it's just to keep a check that you're not giving it too much wellie on the first few miles. Have a great time and say hi to Steve R. See you at the Swift 'Arf.

  11. >Have a great time in Boston. Sometimes running just to run and enjoy the experience is exactly what you need.I've run watchless in races and totally enjoyed the experience, not to mention actually ran faster than I may have if I had Garmin.

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