>Feelin’ funky…


Unfortunately not in a good, groovy 1979 kind of way. No I’m in a funk. Which, I guess, was bound to happen. Running-wise I’ve just completed 2 hard cycles of training, more or less back to back. I’ve run 2 marathons this year where I totally, absolutely put everything I had into the race and hit the wall physically (London) and mentally (Berlin). My motivation to train hard and well for London was fed by pulling out of the race the year before and then by increasing success in shorter races leading up to this year’s race. It was one of those times where you just know you’re moving away from a plateau and onto the next level and I loved it. Coming so close to a Boston qualifier was unexpected but incredibly encouraging. So for Berlin I had my goal clearly in mind. To Boston qualify. And we all know how that went.. But, as many of you pointed out – I did it. Something that I had never deemed possible became possible and in the crappiest race I’ve ever run I managed to run the fastest I’ve ever run and to achieve something that even 9 months prior to that had seemed impossible. All good stuff.

And now I’ve just received my Boston entry confirmation. Which is great news after all that angsting – I know you all told me not to but still I did, of course – over the 13 seconds to spare and the “unofficial” results.

So all is good. 2 marathons in one year done. PBs achieved – for 10K, for half mary (twice), for 30K (first time doing it), for 20M (first time racing it) and for full mary (twice). Job stress dealt with by resignation (hrrrmm – not ideal but had tried every other avenue) and house move partially accomplished (the next stage is not in my hands).

Not to mention a fantastic trip to California with my parents which was wonderful – they are such great company, Sequoia and Yosemite are stunning, we had such a lovely time – and then to top it all off I went to stay with the wonderful Marathon Maritza for 2 nights, met up with Tara and Aron, ran a 14 miler with Maritza and generally had a wonderful time.

happy hour at Lodgepole camp in Sequoia

my lovely parents in Kings Canyon

A bear near the General Sherman tree

My mother and I

those mornings were cold…

The view from Nevada falls

The rohos after brunch in Walnut Creek

me taking crappy pictures of Maritza and I – was it the beer?

So why am I am I feeling so bleeugrgh? Reading the above through the answer is obvious – because all the goals set earlier this year have been met, the various events I had been looking forward to have happened and I now have to start afresh… I’ve come back from a marvellous holiday and now have to deal with various domestic duties of varying tedium, have to pay my taxes and deal with all sorts of financial responsibilities, have only just recovered from my jet lag which had me sleepy in the day and awake at night, and have a sick child who I think has passed on her bugs to me. Uggh.

Running has been pretty haphazard since Berlin – though I initially launched into Pfitz recovery schedule with gusto it all got a bit messed up on my trip (running up the trails in Seqoia and Yosemite was very hard although I did manage to get 14M in with Maritza which was fabulous.) Overall I took the attitude that it was a good idea to not have much of a schedule for a while, before launching into it again for Boston. 5 weeks on from Berlin though I think it’s time to pull myself together – if only because the rest of my life seems to flow better when I’m running. At the advice of my osteopath I’m running a 10K in early December so that I will spend November doing 2 or 3 speed sessions a week, with a hilly long run at the weekend to keep up the distance. That schedule is due to start on Monday – pray with me that this achiness and loginess I’m feeling are just the end of jetlag and not the beginning of flu.

That’s it folks – nothing very inspiring, nothing very exciting. It’s how I’m feeling right now though and sometimes I just need to get started again – even if it is a very unexciting blogpost – to get myself back into it. I hope your running is going well – I have hundreds of blogposts in my reader to catch up on! – and I’ll be back. I think.


21 thoughts on “>Feelin’ funky…

  1. >You have had an incredible year. Just marvelous! I completely understand these "marathon blues." I admire you for attempting a recovery schedule. That is something I have never done. I just "sit" for a few weeks, more or less. But not this time! No ma'am!Just think: BOSTON! You said it yourself, you never thought it possible. Now you're on your way! Tape the word "Boston" to your computer – you won't be able to do anything but smile!

  2. >wow, what a year you've had! I inevitably end up depressed after achieving a big goal. You've been jet setting around like a rock star (ha), and you come home to find nothing has changed–sounds like a normal reaction to me! oh if life were but a constant vacation.

  3. >Petra, this was a very inspiring post! You are Boston bound, baby! Not much better than that. You know, for the record, you don't constantly have to be breaking records. You are allowed to rest a bit. Trust me, it's allowed. Nice pictures from CA. Looks like not running the marathon was a great idea.

  4. >Petra, you needed a little down time to recharge batteries, and it probably feels like sonething is missing without the millstone of a training schedule around your neck. But rest assured, when you're back in the yoke again, with Boston as your race you'll perk right up.I hope the kiddy bugs have not found you!

  5. >Loved the pictures of you with your parents camping, it brings back memories and inspired my husband and I to start planning some fall trips before it gets too cold, thanks!

  6. >I'm sorry you feel funky but it can be hard to re-engage with running after meeting your goals. To answer your question, you get one minute rest between the intervals. It's tough, but works. I haven't used Pfitzinger, but I have the book. It's pretty similar to Jack except that with Jack you do very few straight, easy long runs– there are a ton of long workouts instead. I really like it, but it's definitely demanding. There's some great info in the beginning of the book and good 5 and 10k schedules, too.

  7. >I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  8. >The end of the year is winding down and I think everyone kind of is feeling less than motivated, but you reached all your goals and BQd! Don't fret too much…you'll get back on track and be ready to go soon 🙂 Sorry the little ones are sick! Hoepfully, you don't catch anything!

  9. >End of the year can sometimes bring the blahs but really you should be looking back at what a fantastic year it was for you!You'll be back training for Boston in no time =). I wish I was blogging when I lived in Boston, I was at mile 21 of the marathon course and was always out cheering but didn't know anyone running. (Acutally, Jen, was running both years I was there but I didn't know her yet.)Achievements of 2009 = happy!

  10. >You have had an amazing year!! I'm so proud of you. It's been really inspiring to see your progress. Both personal and athletic. Great pictures from the trip. I wish I could have seen you! I don't know when I'll make it to England to visit but it is one of my goals. 🙂 I think you should have some fun the next couple of months and let yourself rest and enjoy a schedule-free training. A loose schedule is good but don't worry too much about it. You'll need to be fresh for Boston training. If you work it right you'll be anxious to start training again! Congrats on getting your Boston entry- how exciting. 🙂 You make your reservations yet? It can sell out very early but I found a good place in Cambridge when I booked in December one year. There's always something, and it will be amazing no matter what. Keep up the good work and don't be a blog stranger! 😛

  11. >Sometimes the best recovery is not to have a schedule, I think. Just go with what feels right. No reason to feel guilty as you have accomplished some incredible feats this year and deserve a break!And what a wonderful time it looks like you had in California. Having spent most of my life there, I really miss the S.F. Bay Area and being only hours away from Yosemite and other wonderful parks. Thanks for those lovely photos!!

  12. >First off, love the pics. Your mom is adorable and you look like you had a blast with MM too.It's normal to feel let down after such a big year. You'll bounce back and soon you'll be so focused on Boston you'll be longing for the days when you were "uninspired". Hang in there!

  13. >I have to agree with everyone else….you have had an incredible year and a relaxing vacation to boot! The post-marathon restlessness is okay, you'll be back to your old self in no time!Love the pics!!! You are welcome back ANY time! **hugs**

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