>Week 1 – in the bag?

>Well Pfitz and I are back at it again. Like any intense relationship, I think a temporary separation was a good thing. Running easy miles, at my own pace, was good for me. But before hooking up with him again, this time, I prepared myself for him. I was ready for him. In the weeks leading up to the beginning of my 14 week Pfitzinger training plan (12 + 2 weeks for life getting in the way) I ramped up my mileage and my tempo runs and, to be honest, our first week together was less demanding than the fortnight before we reunited. However. However. As you know – we are now in the middle of moving house. I had a ball to go to which required a late night, dancing in high heels and a stay away from home (well, required, but you know). And work just never stops stressing me out. So the first week, was, well a bit of a struggle. I bought a new version of the Pfitzinger Advanced Marathoning as I had been told he’s changed his plans a bit. I haven’t had time to read it but yes he has. He’s introduced doubles. Running twice in a day. Good lord that is a challenge. Fitting one run in is something but two! So I promptly missed the first double. Then I had 5 easy to run which I ran on a hilly path with a heck of a hangover – not much of a recovery run, more of a punishment run. But I doubt the Pfitz approves of dancing in high heels and drinking champagne so this was his way of telling me to get back on the wagon.. And then I had 13 to run on Sunday. But Sunday I moved furniture and – stuff, SO MUCH stuff – all day. Up and down stairs. I was going to run at 9pm but I was finished. Done for. In the bath, soothing my aching muscles, I perused Advanced Marathoning to see if he would let me off the hook. No such luck. “There’s really no excuse for outside commitments to regularly interfere with your marathon preparation”. Cheers Petey. Guess I’m off out tomorrow morning. So in the tradition of truly hardcore runners like the ROHOs I set off at 5am with an empty stomach. I only got 9M in. I was running slowly (running on empty man!) and had a big, full day ahead at work and home – I had to be in the house again by 6:30am. All day this bothered me. So when I got home, stressed and ratty, guess what I did? Yup I went out and ran the other 4. Yes this is not what Pete wanted. He wanted me to run the last 8M at marathon pace. But you know what Pete? It’s been a hard week.

However, on the upside – we are nearly done. By Friday I think I will be moved – temporarily. There is an 0ff-putting pile of boxes in storage and still amazing amounts of just – stuff – to be moved – but the big ticket stuff has been done. And there have been some true highlights. I found a handbag I was so upset at losing that I allowed myself to be hypnotised to try to find it. (that didn’t work – duh.) I found a dress I saw recently in a sale and wished I had bought in my size – guess what? I did! It was hanging in my wardrobe all this time… I am SUCH a ditz.

We’re camping out for a few months, wedged together with my in-laws (that conjures up a pretty picture hey?) but little need to worry about my house. I can just go out running. So watch out for me peeps – I intend to get back on the blogging, commenting and generally being present wagon. Till soon!

Finally – I’ve been so bad at most things recently – friendships, prioritising, blogging, being-on-the-wagon – that it just drops into the ocean of my failures but I haven’t posted any photos recently. So here’s a recent photo of me in my new running gear after a 10M run. Forgive the hideous house I posed in front of.


12 thoughts on “>Week 1 – in the bag?

  1. >great job on week one and fitting it all in! love the pic too :)soooo is it a pretty big change? he put doubles in the 55mpw schedule? i know its in the 70mpw one. hmmm maybe i need the new book!!

  2. >I agree with Maddy. You look GREAT!!I think with anything new, i.e., doubles, they are hard to do when you first start doing them. And esp. with all else that you had going on as well. When things settle down a bit and your body gets used to running twice a day, I think it'll get easier. Good luck with the new program!

  3. >They all beat me to it! You look AMAZING! So fit and all athletic like, but in a cute, girlie way. 😉 Is that a running skirt? Totally love those.Good luck with Pete. He has no idea what he's in for!

  4. >look at you busting out a double!!!! whoohoooo I would be a total mess moving and trying to stay committed to Petey, but you're doing a great job! he's such a stickler! hahaLove the pic…you look cute!!!!! 🙂

  5. >Yes, really, Petra, you have NO EXCUSE for letting OUTSIDE COMMITMENTS…. ha ha ha ha. He's obviously not a wife. Nor mother. Nor employee. Do we like this guy? Really?Forget all of that…you went to a ball?!?! PHOTOS, PLEASE! what kind of ball? Did people dance at your ball? Cuz they didn't dance at mine!I guess if you have to move furniture all day long, you might as well have lived it up the night before, although personally, I would have saved the champagne for the actual moving part.Twice a day is killer. KILLER! You're a machine, woman!AND, you look REALLY CUTE!

  6. >Nice job on week one! And in the middle of moving, no less!You look great in that picture, too! Make sure to share any other tidbits from the book that you come across….I'm getting back on the pfitz wagon again soon too.Take care!

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