>I was just THAT close!


And then it all blew up on me! 
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10 thoughts on “>I was just THAT close!

  1. >Oh, I can only imagine how you feel. But you now KNOW you can do it. You KNOW it and you weren’t sure before. Surely that is worth something, right?but still, i’m sure I’d be mad as a hatter. 😦

  2. >Very inspiring photos, Petra!! And I can see the blue lips you mentioned. But, clearly, you gave it your best shot that day. For that you should have no regrets. We’re all very proud of you!

  3. >You always come back on another day. I remember how you suffered through your past injuries, but came back to run 25 powerful miles and have a wonderful overall marathon (you finished with a smashing PR). Many of us have a 4 hour bugaboo. I remember just12finish running MCM and letting the 4:00 pace group slip away, and then he ran a 3:59 at White Rock a short time later. I remember Bex, determined to finish her first marathon at the horrible Inaugural National Marathon (the one with the Seven Hills of Hell in the last six miles) after she gashed her knee in the first mile, finishing with 4:15 and then she ran 3:59 later that year at MCM. My friend H was leveled by the increasingly hilly nature of MCM at her first and ran a 4:07 (and had her car towed!) and then ran 3:50 at a sultry Chicago the next year. I couldn’t get past 4:16 in my first 11 races, then suddenly it all came together in a 22 minute PR amidst a Goofy Challenge. Charlie rightfully DNF’d at MP 25 in Chicago, but became a marathoner at Las Vegas a few months later. Some race will come together and you’ll be so elated. It’s so big when it does.

  4. >I love the double rod idea! That will work great on one side – I can put all shirts there.And YES, I know I need to clean that stuff out. I’ll grab a bottle of wine and attack that tonight.

  5. >Ha – no not at all. I have a problem getting rid of clothing. I keep a big chairty bag that I throw stuff in all the time. And then a month later, I take it OUT thinking I might wear it. In all honesty, I think I wear the same work clothes every week. And I wear the same crap all weekend too.

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