>A bump in the road?

>Thank you all for your comments – you’ll be glad to hear that I heeded your advice and headed out for my 18M yesterday with Sally. We went out on the lovely road near Brattleby where there is very little traffic and it turned into an unexpectedly warm, spring-like day. The run was so-so – both of us were overdressed and we both ran out of water. Sal hadn’t run longer than 10 for a few weeks so confessed afterwards that she was cursing me in her head at mile 12 – I think that’s when I was waxing lyrical about how nice it is to run with friends.. Oh well. She forgave me, I think. We stopped and started and talked about everything but we made it round in just under 3 hours (I subtracted the 20 minute presentation Sal gave at mile 7 of all her new cross training exercises. We were practising weight lifting exercises with pretend weights by the roadside. Oh well). So overall, nothing beautiful but nothing terrible.

Except for one strange thing. At some point I noticed my ankle hurting. And don’t jump on me – it’s not anywhere near tendons etc – it’s literally on the outside of my ankle bone. It’s exactly the same place that hurts when I wear wellies, ski boots or skates – and I think I must somehow be rubbing it against my shoe. At least that’s what I hope it is – the pain is very much on the outside of my ankle bone rather than anywhere inside.. It just feels bruised. I went out for 5 this morning and could feel it, though nothing that actually impacted my running. It’s just weird and I hope it will fade in the next day or so..

Big week ahead – 51 miles and a busy week in the rest of my life as well. It’ll be a test of me and the Pfitz. Doing 5 Tuesday, 12 Wednesday (either before work – which means starting to run at 5am which oh man! I don’t want to be doing – or in the afternoon if I can find someone to palm off Daughter No. 1 to) and then lactate threshold on Friday morning, before a weekend of 5 and 18 again.. The rents are coming across from Holland on Friday morning so that 11 mile lactate threshold run will again be a 5am job. The only consolation for that one will be that I can think of the Dutch rewards that I will be able to indulge in when my parents get there .. herring (salted), licorice (sweet) and chocolate sprinkles..

I’ve worked out where to fit in my other silver bullet week as well – I’m going to repeat the week 6 weeks to goal (the week after this one – as it stipulates a marathon specific 15 miler with 12M at race pace – I could do that at the Silverstone half). The week after that is my 20 miler which neatly co-incides with the Ashby 20M race I signed up for. All so tidy.. Something’s bound to come unstuck, but still.. And then I wasn’t going to run my local race – the Lincoln 10K – but my schedule for 4 weeks to goal stipulates an 8 – 15K tune-up race. Do you think I need this given the amount of other races I’ve done? Does Pfitz put this is in because he wants you to race (in which case I’ll have done plenty of that) or because he wants you to race somewhere between 8K to 15K? After a few big races – the Silverstone one really is big for a half – I’ll be ready to get back to hermit land and run some miles alone… What do you think?

So there you go, another update from Petra-land. Take them as they come – I seem to be on a roll at the moment…


17 thoughts on “>A bump in the road?

  1. >I think it’s that Pfitz wants you to race, which as you pointed out, you have done plenty of. You don’t necessarily need to do another race per se, but rather a high quality run on that day if you want. Just my thoughts.I’m sending you nothing but good vibes for your big week ahead. You are doing great!!!

  2. >YAY i know exactly which week you have coming up… just take it one day at a time and you will do great!! you are doing so awesome so far and sounds like you are fitting everything in perfectly.

  3. >Wow, I’d say you are on a roll alright! You’re awesome! Way to pull it all together and get those miles in. Hope the ankle is feeling better soon. Enjoy the visit with your parents. (Subliminal message – the Bizz, the Bizz, the Bizz.)

  4. >It is nice that you’ve been able to incorporate lots of races but running alone is awfully nice I think. Plus builds the mental endurance. Good luck on the week ahead, and ice that ankle!

  5. >I say run the race!You are so busy! Wow. I am completely in awe of your high mileage… and that is regardless of a busy life. But WOW! A busy life AND the Pfitz. Please take care of that ankle. I am sending good vibes!

  6. >You are doing so well! I would lean toward running that race, but that’s becuase I’m a sucker for a race. If you don’t think you need to and would prefer to run by yourself, then do that. You’re awesome!

  7. >Glad to hear no major issues completing the 18-miler. Hopefully that ankle pain is nothing but a minor irritation.I think the tune-up races are there so you can gauge your progress in training and see if you’re on track to meeting your marathon goal. Unlike the other races you’re doing (where you are running 12mi @ marathon pace or 20 miles at a slower pace), the shorter tune-up races can be used to predict your marathon goal time. They also won’t take as much out of you since they are shorter.

  8. >You are so devoted and running so many miles! I don’t think that I could (or would want) to do that!I just can’t wait for your competitive to see if Pfitz fits the bill! Then maybe, I would change my mind (or maybe not)!I wish I had pictures to see of you two ladies lifting those weights!Charlie

  9. >I like the chocolate sprinkles as a nice surprise… herring (eh, not so much – although I confess, I have never had it)My understanding of the 8-15k Race at that point is a part of a dress rehearsal that you do, as Shirley said to gauge where you are in training PLUS to get you acquainted with the atmosphere of the race as well. Your training has been a great majority by yourself or with a few people. This race gets you mentally prepared for your goal race 4 weeks later, but it’s here because most people when at a race will RACE. So, being 4 weeks out, you have plenty of time to heal up for your Goal Race Day.

  10. >Hey Petra! That is great news that you did the 18M – I do lots of work with runners and their feet – it is always a shame when things like ankle problems go untreated, since it can affect the way the whole body operates. If you would like me to take a closer look at your feet I would be happy to oblige. Check out my other stuff on running to see my training philosophy for runners:http://jamieatlas.wordpress.com/category/runningGood luck – and congrats on your running so far. Probably one of the few blogs I have seen where the people leaving comments are just as inspiring as the person writing the blog!

  11. >Hey Petra.. I have had the same thing happen before. Its usually when the shoe is worn a bit and the cushion subsides to push the side support against your ankle bone. It makes running impossible and the only fix I can think of is new shoes!Your mileage has been great..

  12. >you are on a roll! and now i am all caught up, thank goodness for insomnia!i don’t know how you are getting those runs in at 5 a.m. You’re probly lacing up your shoes right about now (well, plus five hours. whatever.)I say do the 10k just to see what you can do. But I no nothing so don’t listen to me. 🙂

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