>Not running but slogging..

>What goes up must come down right? Except for weight, generally, that holds true. After my triumph in Stamford this weekend (I really was inordinately pleased with myself which, in itself, set me up for a slap) I decided I would use this week as one of my “silver bullet” weeks I had built into my Pfitz plan. I started my 12 week program 2 weeks early so as to give myself the opportunity to miss or futz 2 weeks in case of sickness / child sickness / skiing holiday. The last option never happened (probably good news for my running after last year) and the first two – well I still have a week extra left..

And it was definitely a silver bullet week. The kids were on break, and we were going to London together. Except that my 6 year old crept into my bed on Friday night with a temperature. He was very poorly all over the weekend and into the week and so by Tuesday I sent my husband and daughter off to London together. The 6 year old and I had a quiet few days, interrupted only by my wonderful mother-in-law (I can’t believe I’ve never mentioned her before – she is truly a wonderful woman) who came to babysit so I could run. Told you she was great! So I ran 5 easy on Tuesday. Mildly sore but fine. Set off for 11 on Wednesday and had a cracker of a run – 11M in 1:42. If you think I wasn’t intending to run fast, and walked for a minute each mile, that brings each running bit (about .95 of a mile) in at well below 9 minute miles. I was VERY pleased with myself. And .. as we all know, this is when the man with the big hammer comes and slugs you one. Because I was intending to go out for 8 yesterday – 3M warmup, 4M at 15K pace and then 1M cooldown. I made this workout up myself – I know! – based on previous weeks. Except someone slipped cement into my legs. I soon realised there was NO way I was going to go fast. It was a pure survival run. I ran the 8 miles – not fast, not pretty. Pride comes before fall – I should know this.

Tomorrow we (wonderSally and I) have 18 on the agenda. I’ve carboloaded and am very close to heading to bed. I’m not even contemplating matching last week’s pace – will just be happy to get the miles in.

Any lessons learned? Well yes. Running hard and long wears you out (doh!). This is probably the reason you’re always advised not to run long runs at race pace. I’m fine at this stage in the proceedings – it’s 9 weeks till race day and I’m at the end of the first bit of my training. I could take it easy this week and have. But the races up ahead – the Silverstone half and the Ashby 20? Respect – especially for the latter. I will NOT race that one at race pace. I’ve put it out there now people so I promise..

Finally, I haven’t been posting pictures recently. Said 6 year old has dropped my camera and I now need to get it fixed.. But this is stuff I’ve been meaning to post.

My stomping ground in the snow:

New treads to wear in in the next few months..
The snow had nearly melted but there was enough ice to make it awkward..

So that’s it for the moment people. See you the other side of 18 – I hope all your training is going well (better than my 8 miler yesterday anyway – I wouldn’t wish it on a soul).


11 thoughts on “>Not running but slogging..

  1. >good luck on your 18!!!!and those runs definitely happen… esp with pfitz AND the week post an awesome race!! just shake it off and keep moving on. great job on the rest of the week, you are doing so awesome!!!

  2. >You’ll do great on your 18 – Sometimes you just need a little rest. I hope your son is feeling better, and I’m sorry you missed your trip to London. But your Mother-in-Law is a dear for babysitting so you can run.

  3. >Good luck with your 18 miler! Sadly, some runs are just like that, just like you said ‘survival runs.’ (I love that phrase by the way.) You will be back on the wagon with great ones again soon…they always come back. Sorry to hear the little man isn’t feeling well 😦 Best wishes that he gets better soon!

  4. >I ran in the snow for my first time ever this Sunday.. No where near your conditions though. And I guess if you mention the ankle problem about those new shoes, I have no suggestions except maybe the fit.

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