>Wedging in the Pfitz

>Well if that title doesn’t set an expectation nothing else will…

But seriously my friends, have you seen the 12 week Pfitz plan? I know I’ve gone on about the weekly mileage and it truly is a higher mileage than I’ve done before on my calm, sedate, friendly little schedules with Uncle Hal Higdon. But the clincher, I am finding, is just how these miles are distributed throughout the week. Because you don’t get lots of nice little 5, 6, 7 milers in the week which add up to a respectable mid-week mileage. No, no, no. I’m playing with the big people now. Mid-week run today – BAM! – 11 miles. In the top week – where you run 55 miles – the miles are distributed as follows: 6, 12 (with 7 at 15K pace), 12, 5 and 20. Hoo-ah!

So yes, in other words, I’ve started. Sticking with the opposite of me scheme, I’m exercising prudence and caution (believe me, I have NEVER ever been described by anyone as prudent or cautious). So I’ve added 2 weeks onto the 12 week schedule. There’s a chance I might be able to squeeze in a ski-break somewhere in the next 6 weeks which would take some days out, and there is also a chance my son might have to go to hospital (a minor procedure in an ongoing thing, but still stressful and I’m unlikely to be able to fit a 50M week around it). If neither of these things transpire in the training schedule, by about week 6/7 I will see how I feel and double up a week – if I’m tired I’ll use it as week to take it easy, if I’m full of beans I will double a higher-intensity week. Plus, I don’t know what it’s like around where you are but EVERYONE has been really ill here for the past 6 weeks and so far we’ve avoided it. I’m hoping that my *healthy* lifestyle is protecting me but really – I could so easily get felled. In fact, at the moment I have a very considerably head cold. It seems to be sticking in my head, no fever, no other symptoms, so I’m just babying myself, lots of Vit C, sleep where I can find it and generally being gentle with myself (other than running my legs off). But should the worst happen and should I get felled by flu, I have built in a cushion of 2 weeks in my schedule and I won’t have to miss training.. Oh dedication.

So how’s it going? Well it’s going fine. But it’s a wedge. The days are long at the moment – work is busy, family’s busy, and wedging in 9 miles on top of that in the evening in the dark – not always easy. So far – half-way through week 2 – I’m doing okay. I’m switching some of the runs around so that I can do the longer ones on the days where I’m not working or working from home.

Update from my sickbed – well that was prophetic of me. After running 11 miles yesterday (in 1:45) and feeling much better, I was whammied overnight with a temperature and this morning flu has set in. Unfortunately I had to go to work this morning but by lunchtime I delegated everything and went home. Found myself in the bathtub at 1am this morning (I just couldn’t get warm) contemplating going out for my 5 miler at 5:30am. I was just about to google advice on it when I thought “no – I am insane. I don’t need google to tell me that you don’t run with a temperature”. So darn it. I’ve missed today’s 5 miler and am unlikely to do tomorrow’s 8 miler. As for Sunday’s 15 miler we shall see. Depending on how the next few days go, I might repeat this week’s workouts next week or carry on… Obsessive? Me?

I don’t feel too bad though – I’m hoping that a few days of being kind to myself and resting will do the trick and see me through. Till soon my friends – happy running and don’t have whatever I’m having!


18 thoughts on “>Wedging in the Pfitz

  1. >hang in there girl!! get yourself well first! then worry about the miles, dont think about them right now. trust me i missed my fair share of those easy runs and really in the end they didnt make a difference (or did they, is that where my 3:28 went LOL jk). you gave yourself a 2 week cushion which is a great idea and are hitting the important runs! no sense in making yourself more sick 🙂 great job so far!! i think with pfitz an important thing i learned was not making up runs but moving on to the next one, because there is no time to make up 🙂

  2. >Yes, I totally agree with Aron. Focus on getting well first and then getting back into the training. Don’t stress yourself out more by worrying about missed runs. The two extra weeks you’ve given yourself is a good idea knowing the things that might come up during your training. Please be careful if you do decide to go skiing. If I remember correctly, your previous knee pain begin shortly after your last ski trip.

  3. >Wow, that is one serious plan. Remember, you’ve got to enjoy the plan, too. If you aren’t enjoying it, you won’t stick to it.Hopefully you’re able to work some of the mileage into your work running group that you started!

  4. >Oh Petra, I’m sorry you are sick! Get well soon, the running can wait. I love the idea of building in two extra weeks. I think if you even hit 90% of the runs in the plan it’s awesome. Great job being flexible and staying positive!

  5. >Wow that’s some training. I don’t know how you manage to find the time to do it. But it is imporant when your sick to get better first so you can come back stronger. I ended up getting a bad chest cold, and it’s not fun since the temps have been in the teens and 20’s. Keep up the great work and I hope you feel better soon.

  6. >I agree, you have to get better first, so rest up and lots of fluids and crap tv.You will miss some runs and it won’t be a big deal, the 2 extra weeks you’ve added will more than compensate. I have to say, I LOVE the Pfitz plan even though I will complain incessantly when I begin training in mid March. I love him b/c he whips me into shape! You are doing great!!!!

  7. >Take care of the cold, and how great you are doing Pfitz… !!! Yeah, 11 miler doesn’t sound like a nice little run in the middle of the week, but… it’ll definitely get you to where you want to go.take care

  8. >Pfitz is a much bigger commitment than Uncle Hal, of course, the rewards are much greater. As with this post (of being sick) and the previous post (there’s a lot of stuff) to do, there are going to be times when training sessions are going to be missed. There may be some times when your body is screaming “what are you DOING to me?”Don’t be afraid to bring in The Negotiator, Cousin Hanz. Who is Hanz you ask? It’sPfitz + Hal = HanzIt’s a mix of doing Pfitz Workouts with the schedule of Hal. If you are going to train while you are sick, you need to compromise and give your body SOME extra rest/healing time. You might even consider Running Early morning one day and Late Evening the next day as a way to mitigate more time, but stick with the daily schedule.

  9. >Hi,I have loved your website and am training for my first half marathon! I can’t believe you have done 5! Your blog gives me motivation for sure. I have a website called thepaydayway.com and was wondering if you would put a link on your blog. I’d love to send you a free product from our camping gear website or our food storage one. Please let me know at taraivers@gmail.comThanks so much!

  10. >oy. yes everyone is sick here too, my kid just called to tell me she’s heading home from work, mid-day, with a fever. funny, i read your post title wrong: I thought it said “Wedding in the Pfitz” and found that very perplexing!So good that you gave yourself that 2 week cushion. Very smart. Take care of yourself and feel better soon!p.s.i love cousin hanz.

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