>The opposite of me – continued

>2008 is nearly done. Ran a wonderful 10 miler this morning despite a few glasses champagne too many last night with my best friend Dawn. She is running London as well this spring and is returning to running after quite a few years off. So she ran 4 with me which made time fly.. So much to gas about!Now that my best buddy is marathon training our conversations have reached maximum quality – we can hop between topics like training schedules, running fuel and our more usual wide-ranging life discussions – it’s truly perfect.

And as far as marathon training is going I’ve decided to continue with the 0pposite of me streak I’ve been on. For 3 out of the 5 marathons I’ve run I’ve trained with Hal Higdon’s Intermediate I. It’s been great but I think I’ve squeezed all I can out of that schedule. I want to improve and so I need to shake things up a bit. The wonderful and speedy-quick Aron suggested I work my mileage up to about 35-40 miles a week and then do the 12 week Pfitz program. I think that’s a great idea – I know that Jen and Maritza use his schedules as well and think they are good. I also think that, although the Pfitz is fairly hard-core, I can retain that kind of focus for 12 weeks. 18 weeks might be pushing it too hard for me. And then my Chicago buddy Melisa also gave me some great advice from a fast and skinny runner (2 characteristics I would like, one day, to apply to myself) – speed work and hill work. So my thinking is that for the next 4 weeks or so I will try to stay anywhere between 30 – 40 miles per week mileage-wise and do 1 hill and one speedwork session as well. This way I am hoping to be ready for whatever the Pfitz throws at me in my 12 weeks of training. You were all great with your advice and ideas on training programs so any suggestions on speed workouts and hill workouts – send them right over – I SO appreciate your input!

All that remains now for me is to wish you all a really wonderful New Year’s eve and all the best in health and happiness for 2009. Lots of people seem to be delighted to leave 2008 behind them but I have to say – there’s been more good than bad for me and I go into this new year ready to take it all to the next level. Happy new year peeps and thank you for all your support and friendship!


13 thoughts on “>The opposite of me – continued

  1. >yay! i feel the same way about 18 vs 12 weeks, especially on pfitz, i think i would burn out. for CIM i did 35mpw 3 weeks or so before, but i am going to try to get up to 40 for 3-4 weeks at least this time depending on how it goes the next couple weeks. i think you will really like the program! its tough but it works 🙂 congrats on a great run this morning!!

  2. >Personally, I think 18 weeks is too long. When I did 20 last time, it just wore me out. Burnt me out. Ick. But that’s just me! Now, tell me… 40 miles per week – does it decrease with the Pfitz? Yikes – that seems like a lot, especially for someone who has toruble squeaking out 3 miles these days. *laugh*You have been an amazing friend to me this year, Petra, and last year, too. Your support has made 2009 an excellent year.Happy New Year to my wonderful, generous friend!

  3. >Great focus Petra, you seem to be ready to rock 2009. I really like your idea of building a base before starting training, and I’m glad to hear that you are going w/ Pfitz 12 weeks. Take it a day at a time and listen to your body and you will love it. I love the picture – you are so lucky to have such a running buddy for London! Makes me miss my Maritza. 🙂 Enjoy it!Happy New Year to you and your family. 🙂

  4. >Gosh, your plan sounds perfect to me. If this works for you, I’m totally stealing it for the fall…lol.I did a little hill run this AM. I have to say, it was kinda fun! Here’s to the very best for you and yours in 2009. Love ya girl!!!Melisa

  5. >Hey Petra, Happy New Year to you! Your plan sounds good but don’t push too hard – you need to get to the FLM start this year! (but the Swift Half this year will be a breeze) All the best to you and yours.

  6. >d to The Extra Mile today! You sound great, Dahling! Enlightening, as well! Thanks!I did think that Mr. Higdon started to get to me during the Chicago training. When it continued to Las Vegas, it did get old. I did notice that shorter runs between Chicago and Vegas were refreshing and a lot easier.Still, this year? I don’t know about another marathon. Still undecided. I am tempted though!Charlie

  7. >Question Petra!And this may be a web design trick since I see that as your occupation.How did you get your daily mile widget setup to work inside blogspot?—The HogJog Commanderhogjog.blogspot.com

  8. >Change is good if you want to see changes in your running!Glad to read that you’ve already pretty much decided on Pfitz. I agree with Jen about listening to your body as even a shorter training program can be too much at times.Look forward to hearing how it goes!

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