Runner’s Roundtable and a promise fulfilled…

Before we ran Chicago, Drusy asked me whether Charlie, Maddy, Melisa and I would be prepared to discuss our experiences afterwards on the Runner’s Roundtable and we all immediately agreed. It took some time to get enough hosts and 3 out of the 4 of us (Melisa, unfortunately, had to work – doncha hate how that interferes with playing?) on board but we did the show last night and it was a great experience! We talked about the race and meeting up but in the course of the conversation I realised I had made a glaring great big mistake – this film is not yet out there.

Charlie – the great CewTwo – has a fabulous party trick and I have posted it below. Two caveats – it’s taken me over 24 and about that many attempts to get this film to upload to Blogger so apologies for the delay. And secondly – even though I’ve realigned the movie on my desktop it has uploaded it sideways. Any tips? In the meantime – just tilt your head to the right and realise that when it comes to party tricks – Charlie wins every time…


9 thoughts on “Runner’s Roundtable and a promise fulfilled…

  1. I have to admit that I wondered what was taking so long… Well, The ears have it.

    Although, I have heard of yet another trick. I was to share a beer to see it, though.

    So, I guess that we WILL have to run again!

    cewtwo (Charlie)

  2. Amazing, indeed! I must be missing an ear muscle.

    (Oh, and I had the same problem with a sideways video. Nothing I have on my Mac will fix that but there is probably some software out there that will.)

  3. I just listened to the podcast yesterday. So neat to hear your voice along with Charlie and Maddy. Great discussion, too!

  4. Pretty cool the roundtable interview and Charlie’s trick….

    There are softwares that fix your videos. You can download it from the web…

    take care

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