When a run throws you blackberries – you make pie!

I know, I know it’s feast or famine with me blogging-wise.. First nothing for weeks on end and then 3 posts in 3 days. I’m under no illusions that I’ll keep it up but I’ve been having fun with my camera. During my 20 miler last Friday I noticed some extremely juicy blackberries and so yesterday I enlisted my personal slaves (ie son and daughter) to come out with me and pick them. Despite the fact that my daugther ate at least as many as she put in her tray, we came back with a decent haul and after picking some apples in a neglected orchard on our farm we came home and made pie. And ate it. It’s gone – but it was gooooood. And there’s nothing like running 20 miles to make you feel you deserve pie.


11 thoughts on “When a run throws you blackberries – you make pie!

  1. Petra!!!! What a delicious pie… Blackberry is my favorite berry. I just love them, and I would have done as Sophia did… maybe worse. I would have eaten the whole tray…

    In my former home in Eastern Washington we had blackberries. They NEVER made it to the kitchen…

    Well deserved pie!!!

  2. After all, we must occupy our minds as we run. I see that you do!

    Finding blackberries. Remembering apples! Not so neglected an orchard that it does not produce, nor so neglected that you do not exploit it so! Nothing is as good from the kitchen as that which is fresh from the field! Mmmm… Delicious!

    So, this week… Hot coffee, iced knees, fresh piece of breakfast blackberry apple pie…

  3. YUMMY! That is so cool that you have wild blackberries near your home. I didn’t realize until I moved here that Oregon is wild blackberry country and they are everywhere. I have been living off them! I didn’t think to make a pie but you’ve inspired me. Do you think you could email me the recipe? runningstories at yahoo.com Thanks!!! (no rush, btw!)

  4. First of all, just when do you sleep? If Colorado is GMT minus 7, then I figure it is about 7:00 AM there (as it is 2:00 PM here). Never mind me…

    I do have a confidence when I run now. I would never have thought it possible for this sad, old, heavy frame to run so very far and to perform the run fairly effortlessly!

    I guess that there is something to be said for training!

    13 days! I cannot wait to meet you and run with you!

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