>a downer, but then back up again!

>Once again it has been crazy these past few weeks! I’ve hardly read any blogs, but the ones I read did chime with me – Maddy’s clearly been sharing some of my issues about just finding the time to run – let alone blog about it… But I’m coming to the end of a big deadline project at work (which I’ve had to keep moving the deadline for, which makes things even more stressful) so I can foresee some slightly easier times ahead. And yes – I’ve got another trip coming up. In 2 weeks my family and I will be flying to Rome for 5 days, after which we will travel to the hills of Tuscany for 8 days. Not too shabby I know – and I’ll be taking some photos of those hot and scenic runs out there. I can’t wait! And finally – and this merits an enormous DADUM – I’ve finally turned something work-wise down! Amazingly I seem to be aware, for once in my life, that I have enough on my plate already. There are more big projects in the pipeline and in the meantime I’ve also been offered the opportunity to undertake a course. There is no doubt this course would be useful for me, and helpful for me in career. But you know what? Not now. I am just about juggling enough right now. I’m meant to be having 2 days off from work a week – where I could do my studying, theoretically, but it just hasn’t happened. At all. So I know I would end up studying evenings and weekends. And you know what? I’m just not going to do it. Not yet, anyway. Once I can carve out some more time and see that I could make the window – then I’ll jump. You probably don’t realise what an enormous step this is for me but believe me, it is. .. And I’m all strangely psyched about it. The prospect that I might have some time off – whoopee! I can run!

And yes the running. Well – the week before last was a bit of a downer. I managed to get my midweek runs in – 4M, 7M, and 4M and then I contracted a stomach bug over the weekend and missed my 7miler AND my 14 miler. Well you all know exactly how awful that feels! Man I was so peeved. And I don’t know about you but when I miss a long run I panic. I didn’t grow up thinking I could do this running thing, and I’ve not exactly had too many people in my life who believed I could do it either as it still seems, somehow, so unlike me. So whenever I miss a long run I think – see? That proves it. I was faking it all along. Do you have that?

Well I chewed on that over the weekend and then Monday evening, after I came in from work, fed and bathed and bedded the kids, I went back outside and ran. And ran and ran and ran. Eventually I had to stop at 10 o’clock because it was so dark and I didn’t think to dig out my winter running headlamp (the one that whenever I put it on at 6am on a February morning makes my sleepy husband take one look at me, say “you have officially lost the plot” before digging his head back in the bed). So I stopped at 11M full of zest and vim and mosquito bites. NOT vanquished yet. The rest of the week I juggled the runs a bit (I did 4, 4, 7, 7 instead of 4, 7,4, 7) and then, yesterday, I did my required 15M. Not fast – I 11minute miled this baby – but you can see where I’m heading can’t you? Technically, I ran 48 miles this week. (&*(*^&*(^*& 48 MILES! THAT IS A PERSONAL BEST! And if you think that I was thinking I might never run again a few months ago (a touch dramatic, but that’s me) I can’t tell you how happy I am. I can still do it. I am still a runner. So far, I am not an impostor…

So guys and gals? How are you? I’m going to cut this one short now so I can actually go online and check on all of your blogs. I’ve got a stepback week this week which is rather nice – I’m going to step back and enjoy it and try to get life back together a bit.. Till soon and don’t forget about me – I am constantly trying to get back on track with all of this!


12 thoughts on “>a downer, but then back up again!

  1. >Petra, congrats on saying “no” or “not yet” to that course. I’m someone who used to have a big problem doing that and would get so stressed out taking on too much. I found it got easier to do so after I did so a few times. There was no sense in going crazy and, of course, making everyone else go crazy around me. Great job on your 15-miler and I most definitely don’t think you’re an impostor. To me a runner is not defined by mileage but rather by persistence and heart and you’ve got both, for sure!

  2. >Great job getting 48 miles in!! WOW!!!!You are most definitely NOT an impostor!By the way, you have to change the sub-heading on your blog, since you are running well again and no longer ‘sidelined with a knee injury.’Keep it up, P!!!

  3. >Holy cow, Petra! 48 miles in a week is amazing. You have clearly not lost your running mojo and your body is responding.There’s almost no greater feeling than feeling like you can run forever. We’re cheering for you across the pond!

  4. >Yay! What a motivator, you are!I often think that I am the biggest impostor that there is. What is this running thing? Why do it? Then I realize that it does give focus to my life and, especially, my health! It also gives me time to myself in an, oh so, hectic world that is so demanding of all of us!It allows me to interface with other people. I sometimes take and hand out little business cards with my running goals and blog address on them. Sometimes I just tell people I meet as I run that I am doing this or that competition (“Chicago Marathon in October!”) Sometimes, it is getting some great advice from a friend across a great pond from me! Thanks, friend!”No,” is hard to say. I hesitate to say it at work as then someone without my ability may get stuck with it. I will go and help them causing more initial investment and time than I feel I can afford, but the next time when they get a similar task and they do it without my assistance is also a great thing. It also allows the company to have additional resources, often with a different point of view, allowing them to succeed in their mission!Enough of that now, you runner, you! … and thanks!

  5. >LOL…your posts make me smile. You’ll have to explain to this yankee what the heck “you have officially lost the plot” means.I’m so glad you are running and healthy!! Yippy, yippy, yippy!!

  6. >Excellent work with the run AND turning down the course at this time. Very wise!48 miles — holy cow! WOW! Amazing!You are most definitely a runner. Fo’ sho’!!!I studied in Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy (in Tuscany, near Arezzo and Cortona – where Under The Tuscan Sun was filmed years later). It is a scenic hilltown!

  7. >48 miles–that’s fabulous! I have only once reached 48 miles in a week in my life. You are back! On track for Chicago.Thanks for your comment. I really liked the saying–so true. A few years back I wouldn’t have said so but now I have come to believe it.(BTW–way to say No.)

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