Week 6 – in the bag. And various problems solved..

Week 6 is in the bag.  Nearly did every planned run – yesterday’s 6 miler was cut short at 1.5 miles due to my husband suddenly having to go out so I had to come in and stay with the kids.  Never did manage to complete the remaining 4.5 miles either but I did manage to get today’s 9 miler in despite being very tired.  Hardly speedy – 1:34:08, averaging me out at 10:28 minute miles, but that’s fine for my long run.  While running I contemplated every possible excuse for giving up but by the time I had 6 in the bag I decided I might as well finish the job, and I did.  So a victory of mind over matter if nothing else.  The kind of mental training that comes in useful… 

As I mentioned in last week’s post I have recently upgraded my gadgetry with a Garmin 405.  This is what my Polar 625X looks like at the moment:

Not so good – no battery and the button’s dropped off.  No use at all.  So in a spirit of financial optimism (ie slightly tipsy amazoning after a nice Saturday night out with friends) I decided I NEEDED a new Garmin 405 and 24 hours later, thanks to the ease of Amazon Prime and one-click shopping my new gadget arrived.  Lovely indeed. 

But you will note that, as Nicole from 4 feet running has reported, this gadget was not designed for delicate little wrists.  It was fairly uncomfortable actually, rubbing everywhere as I ran.  And then, while in a shop buying some hairclips from my daughter, genius struck me and I arrived at what I like to call the Hello Kitty solution.  Yes indeed that fabulously 80s accessory, the sweatband, is the answer.  And with Hello Kitty on it, to boot!  Just check out this elegant solution..  Eat your heart out Bjorn Borg.

And all this action has lead to a happy runner, even in the rain.  The joy just shines off my shiny face doesn’t it?  

Have a great week on the road my friends – 12 weeks to go until Chicago! 

18 thoughts on “Week 6 – in the bag. And various problems solved..

  1. Hooray for your new toy! I too suffer from the same small wrists problem and get bruises from wearing my old Garmin FR 205, which is probably why I don’t wear it very often. But I heard yesterday from my tri club coach that Garmins, even the new ones, aren’t waterproof (something like only up to 3 feet) so they shouldn’t be used during the swim segment of tris. Is that correct?

  2. I like the new toy. I had trouble with my Garmin too. It made my wrist bones feel like they were bruised. I eventually got use to it, though I think your solution is pretty darn ingenious and kinda cute too!

    See you in Chitown in 12 short weeks sister!

  3. 12 weeks and I am just about to start training!

    I LOVE the Hello Kitty solution. I am a big fan of HK. Fo sho!

    I adore my old clunky Garmin, although I am envious of your new, sleek one. When mine dies, I shall replace!

    12 weeks my lovely! I can’t wait to actually meet you!

  4. Nice new toy! Tipsy Amazon shopping — I love it! I have the same problem with my 205 hitting my wristbone. I had already discovered the wristband solution, but never thought of Hello Kitty. I’ll have to start looking around for something cooler than a plain white one. Maybe I’ll have a couple of beers and hit Amazon.

  5. Brilliant solution 🙂 Fortunately my chunky wrists do ok. Great work on the run like you said the mental training helps as much!

  6. Chicago is in 12 short weeks? Boy, was I deep into training for that fun run last year at this time, and now I am doing solitary miles. What a difference a year makes. Love your new gadget and its accouterment.

  7. Innovative! I’m impressed. I have the 205 and my wrists are too large for it. I can get a couple of holes on it, though.

    I wish you great runs! Glad things have simmered down for you!

    See you in Chicago!

  8. Hello Kitty – too cute! Way to improvise. I am so astounded that u are already doing 9 miles! Good for u!

  9. Congrats to the new Garmin!

    Running with a GPS is quite motivating, I find. It’s so useful to upload workouts to it like interval trainings. I love my Forerunner 305 – which is even bigger than your new 405!


  10. Cool a new toy always nice to have new toys. I just got a HR monitor myself, I’m so happy I did. (And it fits) At first I was scared because I have the same problem with my wrists being very small. I have to admit, your very creative with the wrist band idea.. I’m not to sure if I would have done the same thing.

  11. What a brilliant solution! My 205 is rather large also, but strapped on real tight, it manages to stay put on my little wrist.

    Now I’ll just have to find a way to drop it in front of an on-coming vehicle or accidentally drop it into the garbage disposal to get the 405.

    Yay for week 6 success!

  12. I have been fighting the wristbands, even though my wrists do sweat profusely. But with my latest Garmin wrist problems, I think you might be right. I’ll have to find my own style though, since you go the Hello Kitty. I wonder if they have any with martinis on them. ha ha.

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