Consider myself


Just about everyone has done this meme, but even when late to the party, I like to join in..  So here goes: 
How would you describe your running 10 years ago? 
10 years ago I only ran into the pub / restaurant / out to get more wine..  Or cigarettes.  Or at least to eat something, anything, with chips / fries on the side.  
What is your best / worst race experience? 
There is something pretty amazing about every race – I’m always amazed to be there at all.  I get quite happy in races – goofy smile, I talk to everyone – I’m just so excited that I, Petra, am there.  You don’t get this do you?  I Petra!  The fat slow one.  The one who truly never got picked on any team, anytime, at school.  I, Petra, am running a race. To me, still, every word in that sentence should be in bold.  
I haven’t really had a terrible race experience but running a marathon I hadn’t trained for was challenging at times.  It was a small field, and I came 2nd, or third to last.  But more than anything, that race hurt.  It hurt my legs, my back, and my brain.  It taught me there is merit in training, not just to get faster, but also in letting you enjoy your races, being prepared…  But ultimately, I still felt fantastic when it was over.  And the home made bacon sandwich I ate at the finish will forever remain in my mind as a top, top meal… 
What is the best or worst piece of advice you’ve been given about running? 
That it’s okay to run slow.  That bit of advice, given by John Bingham, in a slimming magazine I picked up when I was at my mental lowest point and physically heaviest (non pregnant) point – turned things around for me.  I had never run because I wasn’t fast.  The realisation that that didn’t matter opened the door for me and set me on the path to where I am now.  
Tell us something surprising about yourself that not many people would know. 
I’m an open book guys – you know a lot about me.  One thing that you don’t know because most of you haven’t seen me as partygirl is my partytrick.  I can put my fist in my mouth.  Make of that what you wish – and don’t go asking for video evidence.  Buy me a beer and we’ll see what happens.. 
I’m just working my way through everyone’s blogs at the moment and will post my own update later tonight (I hope).  All’s well and ticking along.  Fairly mild weeks, these first 2, and its suiting me fine.. 


11 thoughts on “Consider myself

  1. You know, I can wiggle my ears, but I can’t put my fist in my mouth!

    I look forward to it!

    (Note to self: Make sure I buy Petra (slim strong, runner Petra) a beer!)

  2. Whoa, the talents that lie within folks 🙂 I will be looking for a picture of that when the Chicago marathoners take you out for a beer!

  3. Petra..thanks for sharing! Great post race food sure makes for a good race in my book too!

    On the fist thing – either u have a big mouth or a small hand. 🙂 I tried to no avail. .

    Not to be outdone by you and CewTwo….I can touch my nose with the tip of my tongue!

  4. I’m definitely buying you a beer in Chicago.

    During my drinking, chain smoking, “party girl” days, I could flip a lit cig inside my mouth! LOL…how things change.

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