Come run with me

WHOA!  It’s hard to blog every week!  I can’t tell you how many blog posts I make up in my mind as I am driving to work or walking down the street but to get to my desk and actually do it – there always seems so much else on.  But last week we took a break and for my children’s half-term we went to Holland where I grew up (in part) and where my parents still live.  My children love it there – country bumpkins that they are they love being in a small town where they can cycle everywhere and where there is always so much happening.  My parents spoil them and everyone has a great time, with quite a few pancakes and pickled herrings thrown in.  I love it because apart from the family and friend time, the running around where my parents live is just gorgeous.  Most people picture Holland as quite flat and bare, and quite a bit of it is, but where my parents live the landscape is rolling hills and dense woods, and there are an endless amount of trails, paths and riding tracks for me to run on.  I never set out on a fixed route and just love the situation of following a trail to see where it takes me.  I wanted to take you all with me on one of my runs and after I went out with a dead camera on the first day (flat battery) I got my act together and took some photos.  The weather was not amazing, but still… I had good run.

And now I’m back and it all seems to have gone so quickly!  And there is so much else to blog about – that’s for tomorrow night!  Wanted to get the pics up before they became antique.. More to follow! 

13 thoughts on “Come run with me

  1. It is incredibly beautiful there! It looks like a good time to run there (and I’m glad to hear that you are running – yay!)

    Glad you had good time and are safely home!

  2. Oh, and I’m totally jealous of the pickled herring situation you have going on over there.

    I really should get some on my next trip to the grocery store…

  3. I wanna go and run with you.. I have personal interest in Holland, as I have ancestors from there….

    Beautiful nature…How are your knees doing?


  4. That is a beautiful place to run!!! Someday I shall have to visit. My mom is a native from Rotterdam!!

  5. Reminds of where I was stationed in Germany. Beautiful country.

    Great pictures! What camera are you using? Is it light and small enough to run with comfortably?

  6. That’s a great place to run. When I come to visit (maybe 2012 for the olympics) that’s where I want to run!

    I’m glad that you are getting some runs in.

    A tip that I use for blog posts that I make in my head and then forget about. I do make a draft post with the Title and will save it. Typically, I can come back and fill in the post…. maybe not as cool as I initially was going to write from my head, but I get the jist of the post.

  7. Looks and sounds wonderful!! Great to hear you were able to get out and run. And I’ve heard that many places in Europe are a lot more bicycle-friendly than the States. NICE!

  8. I hear u on the blogging! I’m glad you were able to take a vacation – the photos are so beautiful – the place tooks so tranquil.

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