>Preparation and anticipation..

>After all that illness and weakness I’m back in the saddle again my friends. A tentative 2 miler on Monday (with a walk break, how’s that for a slow start?) was followed by a 5 miler on new year’s day (needless to say, I didn’t make it to midnight and was asleep by about 10:30) and then two 3.5 mile runs in the morning on Wednesday and Thursday before work. Although running in the dark at 6am is not my favourite thing I’ve decided I’ve got to do it at least on two work days as it is the only way to guarantee I’ll get the run in at all. I then took yesterday off and ran 9 today! So a very respectable 23 miles this week which I’m very happy with as a start to training again! Looking back I think I was maybe coming down with this flu before I realised and it might have been part of the reason the 9 milers in December were so tough – today’s was fine.

So I’m going to get in a few more runs in the next few days and then on Thursday morning we fly off to Jackson Hole for our skiing vacation. Now I’m no champion skier but I love it. I came late to the sport (a childhood in the tropics offered plenty of compensations, I’m not complaining) but I love the freedom, the speed and the slight scare factor. Also, a childhood with no snow has made me forever excited about it when I see it so just being out there in so much of it makes me really happy. I’ve been 3 times and every time I’ve been I’ve been completely out of shape. This is going to be so very different in that respect, so I’m hoping it will be even better. And yes I will try to keep my limbs attached and unbroken..

Because you’ve all been great in responding so quickly and so very generously to my fundraising requests! I really really appreciate it – as do the rhinos. It’s incredibly touching to receive your donations and good wishes and it makes me more determined to carry on – it really did help on Thursday morning when the snow was blowing in my face and I had to keep looking into it because otherwise my headlight wouldn’t illuminate my path. So thank you thank you thank you.

I’m sending out an appeal now to those of you who are crafty. What I would like to make to run the race in is a papier mache rhino head which I can sit on top of my running hat, somehow. Any tips / ideas / inspirations? I can see some fun with wallpaper paste ahead… And if you think this is hard work, Save the Rhino always lends out rhino costumes which are full-length and not designed for running in and 2 fundraisers always run in these. I met two Rhino runners when I ran NYC and saw the costume and believe me – chafing is just the beginning. So what I’m proposing might give me a sweaty head, but it’ll be worth it to raise the profile of this magnificent and threatened creature.Run long my friends and enjoy it!


9 thoughts on “>Preparation and anticipation..

  1. >I am going to try to come up with a solution for you!Here in LAKE TAHOE there is nothing but snow. I tried to ski today for the first time and I mastered the bunny slope! 🙂

  2. >I am so jealous…I am just itching to ski this season! Have a great trip!I don’t know what to say about the Rhino head, since I have never papier-mache-ed anything, but could you just put eyes on the hat and make a rhino tusk and attach that to the brim of the cap? I was thinking it would be cute if the brim was the nose part and then you just decorated the hat with some eyes and little ears maybe? All you’d have to do is buy a gray cap and little things to decorate it at a craft store.And thank you for the inspiration to get up and run at 6am…I really need to do it or else my runs are lazy and slow because I’m too tired from work.I will stop rambling now.

  3. >Petra, have a great time skiing! Sorry to hear you’ve been sick lately. Backing off Pfitz and your sub-4 goals sound to be the right thing for you. But remember, there’s so much more to marathon running than simply running faster times. And a race like London is sure to deliver a wonderful experience regardless. I’ll visit your donation page this weekend. Happy New Year!!

  4. >Great job on the latest runs Petra!Have a blast in Jackson Hole! I am planning a ski trip next month in Tahoe and cannot wait. I grew up in snowy climate but have lived in sunny CA for 5 years now, so I get very excited when I’m in snow again. It is spectacular. Enjoy!! 🙂

  5. >http://www.hatsinthebelfry.com/hatstore/prods/20015.html This is one that I found on Google.http://www.ioffer.com/i/RHINO-HAT-PLUSH-GREY-VELVET-ZOO-ANIMAL-NEW-RHINOCEROS-29236587This is another one – It is a rhino but doesn’t have the punch that I know you want. The problem with a papier mache rhino hat would be 1) attaching to your head and 2) keeping it attached to your head! Hopefully as the race progressed, the paint in the hat (not to mention the wallpaper glue) may end up sticking to your head! It would be a great project for the kids and Mom to do together!Jackson Hole! A rustic, romantic, western town by the National elk reserve and south of the Grand Teton national park. A great place to visit!Of course, I would never place barrel slats on the bottom of my feet and willingly throw myself over the edge of a mountain…

  6. >I saw an episode on TV, “How’s it made,” about making a mascot costume. They used firm commercial foam (like for upholstery) shaped it using knives and sandpaper, then glued a cloth over it for skin. A couple of eyes and you might have a Rhino head! Just a thought.The pictures were wonderful. I like the ones of you and Adam with steam coming out of your heads (old faithful). The park is an amazing place to see!It was not a problem when we missed our connection via phone in Denver. You just have to come back again! Or maybe, I could go to England. No… Wait. I’ve been to England once. And you have been through Denver! Oh well, we’ll be able to talk eventually!Hang in there, friend!

  7. >Yes – I am running 10 come heck or high water. It’s my last long run before my half marathon, in which I am totally undertrained! So I have to do it. I just really want to do it outside instead of on a treadmill.It’s a deal. We’re both running no matter what!

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