>Save the Rhino!

>I’ve done it! Drusy’s been at me to do this and I hadn’t got round to it but here it is – my fundraising page for the London Marathon 2008 for Save the Rhino. Save the Rhino is a very impressive charity whose aims are:

  • To increase the number of rhinos in genetically viable populations in the wild
  • To provide financial and in-kind support for projects focused on all five of the rhinoceros species
  • To encourage and enable the sharing of information, experience and skills between rhino projects
  • To measure and improve the effectiveness of our grant-making activities

Their approach is to:

  • employ a pragmatic approach focused on viable populations, and not to be sentiment-driven;
  • support the sustainable use of natural resources for the mutual benefit of wildlife, habitat and local communities;
  • Save the Rhino does not create or run their own projects in the field; rather, they find rhino conservation projects that they think are doing a good job, and then fund them;
  • Save the Rhino prefers to work with projects on a long-term basis, rather than making one-off or ad hoc grants;
  • Save the Rhino is a fundraising organisation, not a campaigning one: they do not get involved in political lobbying or petitioning;
  • Save the Rhino believes in the value of partnership working with other in situ and ex situ NGOs and conservation organisations.

I think they are an extremely worthwhile and admirable organisation and am very proud to have been offered one of their precious London marathon places.

Please make any donation you are able to make – it all helps! You can donate through the link above, or the link on the right in this blog, or by contacting me via e-mail and I will send you my postal address, if you would prefer to send a cheque.

Thank you.


5 thoughts on “>Save the Rhino!

  1. >Great cause, Petra! I will check it out and make my contribution. Good luck in your fundraising goals!I will begin planning my trip to Europe in the coming weeks, so I might have some questions! 🙂 It’s completely open at this point- no plans yet.

  2. >I think that we often forget about the animals that we share this great planet with. That makes this a great cause in my eyes. Do them (and all of your friends) proud!Run long and taper!

  3. >Petra!Good on you for running for a cause in London. I’ve seen those running rhinos in both the Edinburgh and London Marathons. I’m running London as well and wish you the very best!

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