A stone dropped on me!

No it didn’t really, but it might as well have. Shortly after posting my “busy busy” post and putting together a short contribution for The Extra Mile (during which I could feel a sore throat) I was felled by flu. I struggled into work for a day and then was left marooned at my desk and had to use everything in my arsenal to walk back up to my car in the afternoon. I even had to phone my husband to pick up the kids – I knew that once I was in the car I had to just get to bed as soon as possible. It was awful! It has been awful! I have not been this ill – ever! Which I suppose is lucky in itself. But my goodness! I was in bed with a high temperature until Christmas day (7 days) and have only just started to be able to be up all day. And I’m still going to bed around 7 in the evening and sleeping till 8.. with a nap in the afternoon. I am so weak! Every small thing I do – laundry etc. necessitates a 15 minute sit-down in a chair afterwards.

So no running. For over a week now. Where does that leave me? I’m not sure really. I know I’m not strong enough to run yet. I’m hoping to get out there by maybe Tuesday, for a quick run. Where does that leave marathon training? Well… It’s not great missing 2 weeks of training (at least). What can I say? I’m off on my 10 day skiing holiday halfway through next week so I’m hoping to be strong enough for that. When I get back I will have 12 weeks till marathon day. I’m not sure what to do. Whether to just start back into Hal Higdon when I can? Or to find a 12 week program somewhere? I know there are some about. If I sound lacklustre – I’m not. But this is beyond my control. I’m going to have to wait to be well again and then see where I am…

On the plusside – I’m at target weight. That was easy! Just get sick and that’s the trick.. And I didn’t overdo it on red meat or wine over Christmas either and am unlikely to do so for New Year’s. So at least I’ll start the New Year slim…

I’ll keep you posted on progress – just wanted to let you all know why I’ve not been about commenting and posting.. Happy new 2008 to you all and let’s hope we can run together this year!


5 thoughts on “A stone dropped on me!

  1. Target Weight Perta — wow, that’s one way to do it. HA!

    I’m so sorry you were so ill. But I am incredibly relieved that you are better.

    I think you should just just right back into training when you are able — as if you never left.

    I have been very, very busy lately, and I am thankful that I am “on a break” from running.

  2. Petra – wow, you got it bad! But I really do think you’ll be able to get up to speed for FLM if you’re strong enough for skiing (piece of cake by comparison!) Sorry you missed Christmas… but target weight, that sure would be nice!
    Take it slowly on the recovery.

  3. My goodness! That is one heck of a flu!

    I am glad you’re feeling better!

    I think we have all wished for the flu to help us get closer to our target weight, but I know I wouldn’t want what you had!

    I would vote for a 12 week training program. You could think of it as a fresh start for 2008!

  4. Sorry to hear you have been so sick. I suppose the weight thing is an upside, but I can think of better ways to lose weight 🙂

    Give your body plenty of time to fully recover – you will be ready for that race.

    Hope you are back on top of things for your ski trip! Enjoy the vacation and your New Year!

  5. The flu over the holidays – not fair! I hope you are better soon lady.

    The weight thing is good, right? Instead of being at my target weight, my arse is as big as a target! Luckily, I just got the biggest loser fitness program (in book form) for Christmas. I want to be a loser so bad!!

    You could do a 12 week program I’m sure. I mean, you’re already in great shape and now you’re even lighter, so that will help.

    Enjoy your holiday!


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