Well – I’m not quite sure how to say this but I’m not sure I can do this. What? Train for a marathon? Sure. Aim for around the 4 hour mark? Not quite sure, but there is some confidence. Follow the Pfitz plan for 18 weeks? That would be the one I’m not quite sure of.

Why? Well the immediate reason I’m doubting myself is that I went out for 13 this morning and managed 6. After my first week at work, a hard crosstraining session, a 10 miler on the treadmill (which I completed despite chafing which started at 3M and got pretty ugly by 6M) and a 5 miler after work before the supermarket shop yesterday, today’s run was just too much. I was bushed! And – of course – I started to doubt the schedule? Should I? Or should I, just 2 weeks into it, just chalk it up to tiredness and overextending myself and try again tomorrow. I’m just not sure.

On the one hand I think that the Pfitz schedule is going to require a lot of time investment – time is something I do not have an overabundance of.. On the other hand I feel weak a) for stopping today and b) for contemplating changing horses so soon into it. The thing that makes me consider changing horses is the fact that I got started early – I could still, for example, jump into another schedule without really missing anything. So what do I do?

The final thing is that I found a schedule for a sub 4 hr marathon on the Runnerworld UK website which is just a bit less intense that what the Pfitz suggests. It is a 16 week program that builds up a bit more slowly and just generally seems more manageable. Flip side could be that it might not get me as fit as the Pfitz might. If I can do the Pfitz. Hrmmmm.

For those of you schedule nuts, I’ve pdf-ed the Runnersworld schedule and am going to see whether I can attach it to this post somehow. Otherwise if you would be willing to cast your eye over it I would be delighted to e-mail it to you.

I feel like such an idiot! Anyway. Once again – let me have your thoughts!


6 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Petra, I was a little concerned when I read about your current training regime to get to 50 miles per week. I know it’s important that you do well, but I think you’re taking the fun out of running.

    Remember, you got into this to stay fit and you enjoy it, but I don’t think you’re enjoying your current schedule. Ease off and have some fun!

  2. I think you can absolutely do whatever you put your mind to! 100%!!!!!

    I didn’t bother to look at either schedule… there is no need to. YOU will make the best decision for YOU.

    Go forth and break records!

  3. Hi Petra,

    I think you can handle the mileage but it sounds to me like you’re probably doing too much on the 3 Rest/XT days, which is impacting your running. Namely, the XT should not feel “hard,” as you mentioned. In fact, given your new job, I think the best thing for you is to Rest on those days and then try adding in XT later. It just may be too much to jump in and try to do everything all at once.

    And it’s critical that you do the various types of runs at the correct paces, not only to get faster but to avoid overdoing things. My recommendation is to give it another couple weeks and re-evaluate.

    Best of luck!!

  4. First things first – your sanity. Do whichever schedule allows you to keep it!

    Speaking as a mother of three with a fulltime job I’ve figured out this much – you can have it all, sometimes you just can’t have it all at one time. So, if this schedule doesn’t work at the moment, doesn’t really rule it out in the future.

    You’ll figure this thing out.

  5. I am wondering if it is too much at once. A new job and a intense training schedule, plus family on top of that.

    I think, without a doubt, you can do the Pfitz plan. However, it the 4 hour Runner’s World UK plan is friendlier to your current schedule I’m leaning more toward that one. Pfitz will still be there when you run your next one and are a bit more settled in at your job.

    You’ll make the choice that is right for you. Maybe you just need a day or two to think about it and a long run to clear your head…

  6. Seems awfully demanding to me. I admit, I probably haven chosen something too tough for me as well, the CoolRunnings schedule, but I’m going to keep the long runs under 20 mi and just enjoy my first attempt.

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