Don’t you just love that poll? I just discovered it when I tried to add a PDF to my post.. BTW – just to be clear I am DEFINITELY running and training for the marathon – just not quite sure how.

A great and inspirational fellow blogger, Drusy, just found out she’s running it as well so it’s going to be such fun to meet up with her at some point. I’m hoping to be able to do a training run with her in London at some point. This is her now – above – with a new(ish) haircut and what looks like a shed growing out of her head! I hope she can get rid of that before the race – it’s bound to slow her down..


5 thoughts on “btw

  1. ARG… this is truly gruesome!! Randomly checking Petra’s blog and finding myself! UGH! But I am chuffed to get to run the FLM with Petra, WHO NEEDS TO GET HER RHINO fundraising button on her blog.

  2. Hi Petra…. Just getting to Bangkok after 10 days in beautiful white sandy beaches.

    I’ll be back to the US on January 3rd.

    Have a very Merry Xmas and the best wishes for a New Year of fun runs.

    lizzie lee

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