>where is she? where has she been?

>Or where hasn’t she been? Out and about, all over the place, getting ready to go to work, looking after her kids, ironing, cleaning, tidying up, travelling to Holland to her father’s retirement party, celebrating St. Nicholas with her parents and children, packing, unpacking, laundry, cooking, stressing out about her new job…

Oh .. and running.

Yes – I am in week 2 of the Pfitzinger 55 mile per week or less 18 week training schedule. FYI this is the bottom end of his schedules. 55 miles per week! I reach those dizzy heights in week 11 but still – hoo ha! That is a lot of running!

Anyway – I’m only looking two weeks ahead. That’s all I can program into my Palm without getting bored or terrified. So far, so good. I finally (finally!) went to the gym I joined 2 months ago and got them to sort me out with a weights program. So after 15 mins on the rowing machine and 15 mins on the cycle I have to work out all sorts of complicated machines which will tone me up and help me avoid those dreaded bingowings.. The schedule, at the moment at least, calls for 4 days of running and 3 days of either rest / cross training. I’ve had to muck it about a bit due to my trip to Holland but so far I’m on 1 day of rest a week and 2 days of crosstraining. And it’s all gone fine so far! I missed one mile of my long run last week – ran 11 instead of 12 miles – because I’d mistyped it into my Palm but in week 1 I think I can handle that loss.

Terry, Jen and Maritza all said that 18 weeks seemed like a long time to follow a schedule. And it is. I’ve always done 18 week programs – and always lost my mojo at some point – but I’m hoping that I’m knocking that on the head this time by taking a skiing holiday 6 weeks into my training program which I’ve built in and left myself 2 weeks for. We’re off to Jackson Hole (the weak dollar – sorry guys! and the strong euro make this the most economic option though don’t let my husband read this because he’ll say I didn’t choose the most economic hotel.. A girl’s gotta live right?) on January 10th. It should be good – last time I went skiing I was very unfit and still enjoyed it – I’m hoping increased fitness should make me better. (Last time I went skiing I also came back pregnant but I’ve learned my lesson now – older and wiser in so many respects!).

So – what haven’t I done in the past weeks? Oh – commented on your blogs! I have read them in stolen moments and have marvelled at the amazing achievements of my running blogging friends. So here – in no particular order – are some shoutouts:
Susan! Wonderwoman! What a star! This girl had a HARD time during her St. Jude’s marathon. It was not a good run. But did she give up? No this woman pulled everything out the box to cross that finish line for Elijah and did so. What a girl!
Maddy and MarathonChris – two fantastic runnergirls who met up again and ran the OUC half-marathon last week. Both of them ran full marathons not long ago and I salute and admire them for being so ready to race again so quickly!
There’s Chris on the left and Maddy on the right. And no, they are not punching each other apparently – just showing off their Elijah bands. Whatever, ladies..
– the amazing ShirleyPerly who’s more nervous about cooking a Thanksgiving meal (which went perfectly, by all accounts) than about running marathons or triathlons. She’s going to take it easy for her last race of the year and “just run a sub 4-hr marathon”. That’s right honey – you just relax and take it easy!
– incredibly determined and focused Lizzie Lee who finished her first marathon! Well done LizzieLee – what an incredible achievement!
– Jen who has just run her 2nd CIM in an incredible 3:36 despite having a tough old mental struggle during the race. What an achievement girl! That is just incredible!
– Nicole, half of the wonderful and hilarious team that creates the 4feetRunning podcast, who has just completed her 2nd marathon in Philadelphia.
And all my other blogging friends – I am reading your blogs and catching up and will be sending shoutouts and comments your way as soon as possible.

Today was the first day at my new job. I’ve been parenting / freelancing for over 6 years so this was my first go at being back in an office for a while. I had a great day, my colleagues made me feel very welcome and although I can see some challenges ahead, I think I am able to cope with them and I welcome the opportunity to be back in the game. I’ve really lucked out – mummy-friendly hours and a non-mummy-track job so I’m really going to do my best.

Final thought of the day – it’s getting late – I wouldn’t have dared take on this job if I hadn’t been a runner. Truly. When I changed from overweight couch potato into someone who could train for and run a marathon I changed my perception of myself and what I could do. If I – the overweight and underconfident me that I was 4 years ago – can do this running thing, then I can do anything I set my mind to. So that’s what I’m doing. Setting my mind my friends..

Which is good because tomorrow I’m doing 10 miles on a treadmill – hey ho what fun!


13 thoughts on “>where is she? where has she been?

  1. >The marvolous Petra Returns! I have missed you! I think it’s cool you went with Pfitz! You’re a superstar and an inspiration! It amazing the change in perspective running will bring to you! I’m sure you’ll do great at your new job. The marketing department is always the most fun! But I bet you knew that! Congratulations!10 miles on the treadmill? Piece of cake sister! You can do it!

  2. >You can totally do the 18-week program…I think you’re going about it in a smart way.And I really think you will feel such a different skiing now that you have been running….I know I did.Whoo-hoo Week 2 of Pfitz! I’m back on week 1 next week….yikes!

  3. >Now I know where to come when I need some inspiration to get on my treadmill!Your accomplishments over the last few years have been awe inspiring. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next. Whatever it is, I have no doubt you’ll give it a go and be great at it.

  4. >Great to see you in blogland again!!! You are quite amazing as you juggle all of those things. And I totally agree. Training for and running a marathon totally changes the perspective on life.You have a great plan – looking forward to watching you fly! Hang in there on the treadmill!!

  5. >Hey Petra, I hope you like the new job! I finally got my confirmation from Guide Dogs and I’ll be running FLM2008 with you!!!So we’ll have to get together for a training run sometime when you’re in London

  6. >Petra, great to hear from you! So glad that your training and new job are going well. I love your can-do attitude. No need to swallow that Pfitz program in one big bite. Tka e little bites and chew :-)Thanks for the shout-out and I hope have a wonderful time skiing! (ps – that’s another thing that I’m terrible at)

  7. >10 miles on a treadmill!?! Wow – I can not wait to hear about that.18 weeks – yowsa! My first plan was 16, I think. This past one was *gulp* 20. That was tough. I’m so glad that you’re back online!!! :)I’ll be in Lake Tahoe in January. Darn – we came pretty close to being in the same part of the world at the same time! I have never attempted to snow ski — and I am a little nervous. Do you think I should try? Good luck at work! I am SURE you will succeed.

  8. >hi Petra! Thanks so much for the nice comment on my marathon! :)Congratulations on your new job- you are doing great! You are also doing great on the Pfitz schedule. I think it is very important to only look one week or so into the future schedule- and as the runs get tougher, just take it one day at a time! It seems like a lot when you see it all at once, but on a day-by-day basis you can definitely handle it. Jackson Hole is a wonderful place- I grew up near there in Montana and really miss the beautiful Rocky Mountain winters. 🙂

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