meme – it’s all about me

I’ve been tagged by the wonderful ShirleyPerly to do a meme (is that what you say? Do you do a meme? Perform one? Blog one? Publish one? Never mind… ). The rules are as follows (pasted in from Shirley’s site):

  • Link to your tagger, and post these rules on your blog.
  • Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
  • Tag 5 people at the end of your post by their names and links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they are TAGGED by leaving a comment on their blog.

S0 – everything you want to know about me (but were afraid to ask). You should have trusted your instincts hehe….

– I’ve lived in lots of different countries in my life – in Holland, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the US and the UK. The only place I really resisted moving to was rural Lincolnshire – and guess where I have now lived longest in one single place -yup! Spital-in-the-Street, Lincolnshire. And I’m very very happy here! Sometimes a type A control freak needs to be pushed where she doesn’t want to go…
– I’m truly terrible at any sports that require hand-eye co-ordination. You know how people will say this and then actually be quite good? I was on a hockey team for years and managed to avoid ever having to hit the ball. I could stop it but I couldn’t hit it. So I didn’t. Ever. When I was about 16 I met some friends who had only met me when I (and they) were really young – like 4. The one thing they remembered about me was that I couldn’t catch or throw…
– I read compulsively. Books, internet, newspapers etc. That’s all good. But if I’m somewhere with no good reading material I’ll read instruction manuals, leaflets, ingredients on the side of foods etc. As a result I can read upside down writing. I might make a good spy one day…
– I love cats. Just love them. Have one now – Pippi after Pippi Longstocking – who just makes my day with her loveliness…

-However, I hate mice. Hate them! And Pippi brings in live ones, tortures them and then loses interest and lets them run off in the house (kind of not the purpose of having a cat on the farm). So to my children’s great amusement I am actually the lady who climbs on a chair when she sees a mouse and screams until someone (often my 7 year old) catches it. ..

So that’s it folks!

My turn to tag – I tag Jen, Greg, Melisa, Drusy, Terry and LizzieLee!


7 thoughts on “meme – it’s all about me

  1. My goodness!! You certainly have lived in many diverse places. And you are not along about being bad at hand-eye coordination sports. Volleyball is the only one I can play halfway decent.

  2. Thanks for tag me! I will do it soon… after the marathon!!!!!!

    I know is not your Holiday, but have a Happy Thanksgiving in name of the American Running Family.

    lizzie lee

  3. For someone who has lived three places in my life, I am impressed with your story!

    Great blog


  4. I love my two cats. They are as worthless as bumps on a log, but the house is mouse (and most insects & spider) free.

    I’ll be watching your training choices for possible use in my future.

    What a great lot of places to have lived!

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