And she’s off!

Yes – anyone who knows me knows me that the reflective, calm and considered side of me only tends to last very briefly before I go full throttle into my next commitment! While I am trying to be wary of overcommitment this time – I really AM – I have just received word that I will be given the opportunity to RUN THE LONDON MARATHON in April of 2008. How exciting is that!

I will be running it for a charity which is very close to my heart – Save the Rhino International. I have supported them in the past by running the 2005 NYC marathon and the 2006 Chicago marathon to raise money for their cause and am delighted to be able to run with and for them in London.
I will post much more information about them and why I think they are such a worthwhile cause to support shortly when I have my information together. But I didn’t want to keep IrishBlue and Maddy on their toes any longer – they can finally sleep at night..

So – it’s just under 2 weeks till D-day – the beginning of training. I’m madly reading up on different schedules and different strategies but in 2 weeks time everything should be in place to start a 20 week training countdown. Any suggestions very welcome – I’m thinking the Pfitz is finally going to come out and be dealt with but thoughts, opinions etc. are very welcome. I will enjoy the couch while I can!

Finally – the weight loss is happening, but slowly. I’ve signed up with P.O.M’s weightloss challenge over at Runnerslounge – look for the holiday weight loss challenge where the gruesome reality is there for all to witness. IrishBlue and Drusy have joined in already so it’s all out there..

I’ll be back soon!


14 thoughts on “And she’s off!

  1. Wow, Petra, wow! Congrats on London!

    You can expect my FULL SUPPORT on the Rhino cause!

    I am super excited to hear about your chosen training plan. No rest for the weary!


  2. Yay!

    Congratulations on London! I know you were hopeful! You’re in! You will get support from me too!

    I am also in POM’s challenge. I will post my details tomorrow AM.

  3. “GUAO” in Spanish. I certainly dream on running the London Marathon sometime in my life. Elbow to elbow with people that make history. Congratulations….

    lizzie lee

  4. Wow, London! Where Paula set the world record in 2003, where Deena became only the fourth woman in history to go under 2:20 last year, where the then-world record was set in 2002 by the now-American Khalid. Fabulous!

  5. Congrats on that WONDERFUL opportunity!!! I look forward to hearing what your goals for the race are and what training program you use.

    GL with the weightloss challenge!

  6. Congrats on getting in for London!!! Looking forward to seeing your veteran race strategies! It will be great following your training 🙂

  7. Hey Petra. I have not heard from either FLM or Guide Dogs yet, so I’m on pins and needles. I’ve been pestering Guide Dogs so they know I’m keen… And FLM cashed my check, but I did bequeath…. ARG! I hope we get to run together!

  8. I’ve lost track of who I’ve thanked on my blog, so sorry for the possible repeat….but thank you for your nice comments on my post about NYC! Wasn’t it amazing?? I just can’t get over it…NYC is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Wonderful!

    And I am so excited that you get to run London!!!!!

  9. PS – Petra, I’m tagging you to do a meme. See my blog if you’re not sure what that is. I look forward to reading your list!

  10. Cool Petra!! Congrats on getting into London! 🙂 Definitely want to hear more about your charity when you have time.

    I will vote for the Pftiz program. However, I have only done the 12-week version (55 miles per week peak). I don’t think I could hang for 18 whole weeks, as my motivation tends to lag… but that’s just my personal preference. There is an 18 week program as well. Let us know what you pick! And congrats again! 🙂

  11. I can understand running from Rhinos but not for them. 😉 Actually someone’s got to love them. They are so cute and cuddly.

    London sounds like a fun race. Is it difficult to get into? I’ll do the research on their website.

    Run Happy!

  12. London!! I’m so jealous. I’ve actually been there a few times years ago. My sister lived in England when I was stationed in Germany and I loved visiting her and going to London.

    I definitely want all the details on the training plan. Who is this Pfitz? I must be the only one who’s still clueless. Is his plan in a book, or published online somewhere?

  13. Petra,

    I’m pretty much off a training plan anymore since I run so many events but the following link is a plan that I used in the early years. Since you are an experienced marathoner you probably have your own basic schedule set. This plan seems to work for people with things to do other than running like work, family, and social life.


    I wish you patience in your weight loss goals. As a woman it takes time to see results. Stay at it! Have you read the Zone by Barry Sears? I actually lost about 35lbs using this plan. It took my wife Michelle twice as long to drop the weight but she stuck to it and dropped to her desired goal. It only takes a nanosecond to make that decision to make the effort to make your goal. You must be determined! But then you have already made a full throttle commitment to make that happen! You can do it!

    Train well and eat well. You just might win that London Marathon! 😉


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