>Clarification… and running for Ryan

>I’ve just deleted the post I put up yesterday – about exercise making you more intelligent and related to that, ideas that were rolling around in my head at the moment because I don’t think I made a very good job of getting my point across…

So just to reassure everyone – I’m fine. Totally fine. Not un-motivated at all. MarathonChris’s comment was much more coherent than my long blurb. I am really looking for some time-management skills and, attached to that, some new assertiveness and communication techniques to help me achieve this more effective time-management. I am hoping that a daily practise of meditation might help me set priorities I’m happy with and give me a chance to consider those commitments in my life that I might not want to continue with. There. I’ve now said it in a paragraph, without a rant about self-help on the side. And all this thought, in turn, has been prompted by finishing a marathon and taking some time off training to just think about what’s next in all aspects of my life. Thank you all for your comments as they have made it much easier for me to put my thoughts into words.

Anyway onwards and onwards – wonderful and FAST Jen has passed on the news about running 5.5 miles for Ryan Shay next week and I wanted to spread the word. I’ve got a busy week ahead but will find the time to run the distance in his memory next Saturday.

As for my other news – IrishBlue – there is so much cooking in the oven but I just dare not open the door for the minute for fear it all falls flat… As soon as it’s sitting on the counter cooling I will let you know..


6 thoughts on “>Clarification… and running for Ryan

  1. >Very, very well said, Petra. And I, too, will be running for Ryan.I am also thinking about how I want to things to be in the immediate future. Change is always good!

  2. >The month after a successful marathon is a time for reflection and reordering. It sounds like you’re getting on with it well and you’re back to running too. If you’re running in scenes like those bucolic fields you’re photographing, you certainly couldn’t stay away for long.

  3. >I am also planning on running for Ryan. I think time management helps line everything else up. I could use some help on that front too.As far as your upcoming news I am just as anxious as Irish Blue. Looking forward to hearing about it.

  4. >I think a lot of us runners are type A or A+ folks who tend to overcommit and often get in over our heads. I was definitely like that ~10 years ago and found it to cause too much stress, affecting my health and marriage.Then an unfortunate near-attack on me (not the one last year, another one) caused me to begin training in the martial arts, which actually taught me a whole new life philosophy (setting priorities, balance, goal-setting, mindfulness, integrity, overcoming fears, etc.), not just self defense skills. I know that MarathonChris also used to train in the martial arts (Kung Fu, I believe) and The Zen Runner, too, (judo or jujitsu?) from what I gathered from meeting him. Some yoga and tai chi classes also offer similar benefits. There may be some good videos you can do at home. I prefer classes because I have to set aside the time to go to it and think about nothing else while there. Otherwise, I’m prone to getting distracted or not taking it as seriously.But, all in all, I think it’s great that you’re doing some self-introspection, especially before taking on another marathon challenge that might throw your life off-kilter in ways you don’t want. Best of luck!!

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