Running with the dawwggsss

Another beautiful day – I just can’t get bored of this amazing beautiful autumn. It’s chilly now but I like that – good running weather. Went out for my first 5 miler since the marathon today. I took it easy – no aches or pains but I want to keep it that way – and it was just lovely. I finally got a chance to listen to Steve Runner’s PB busting marathon report. I’ve been doing short runs with my husband at lunchtime which has been great but man – I do talk! I give myself a headache. I need podcasts to listen to so that I shut up and run. I love running with others from time to time but my goodness me – I need to be gagged! Anyway, I brought out some perfect running buddies with me today. Our dog – Frankie aka Franklin Delano Dogveldt and a sleepover guest from London, Lolly. Now Frankie is used to running with me but Lolly’s a city girl and a tad on the chubby side. Rich perhaps, coming from me, but trust me – if she wore skinny jeans she too would have a muffin top. So initially country dog took the lead – check out country dog waiting for city dog to catch up. But then country dog gave up! For no good reason, Frankie just went off and sat on the lawn. DNF for Franklin. And city dog pulled through. She did the full 5 miles for me. I burned 500 or so kcals, apparently, not sure how this translates to dogs but it’ll do her the power of good at any rate. She just needs to learn to keep up and stop stopping unless I do, in which case she needs to learn to wait until I do whatever it I’m doing that’s making me stop. Like taking a picture. See Lolly stretch!

Now my friends – there is a running plan – with strategies and training plans and all that jazz – brewing in my little head. But I’m going to be uncharacteristically silent and share all with you in the next week or so when my plans will be a bit more firm. It’s a tad undercooked at the moment. In the meantime, enjoy your running, enjoy your racing and stay in touch!


7 thoughts on “Running with the dawwggsss

  1. My goodness! those little dogs are cute! Little Franklin is just a little bigger than my big big dog’s head. But alas, the big big dog is half Great Dane and by nature, they don’t do a lot.

    It is so beautiful there. What a great place to run! And with great company too!

  2. Your dogs are a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e.

    I need to hear the plan. It’s killing me. I feel like a kid at Christmas! The plan…PLEASE??

  3. Wow what a great place to run, and what good company!!!

    Looking forward to the plan and hoping it has a relay race in September in it 😉

  4. Beautiful countryside and I love your running buddies. I used to run with my dog when I was younger and remember how much fun it was to have him along.

    Look forward to hearing your plans for next year.

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