Saint Paula!

Wowee! Look at the girls! Amazing woman! Did you catch that final mile? Where did she get that sprint from? She is just incredible. I’m in total awe of this woman. 2:23:09. How’s that for speed?


4 thoughts on “Saint Paula!

  1. Thanks Petra. I think you’re totally right. Last week I told a friend that I believe I could push a little bit more, but the time was up for inventions. However, I did invent the wheel and the results were a disaster. I did my first 8-10 miles faster than usual. I should have not done that. I appreciate very much your advice because I need to record it in my BRAIN and keep it there. Especially, when you say the adrenaline and the excitement of the race could make me get out of my plan. I will locate at the back of the pack, either in the 6:00 or 5:30 groups and stick to that. Actually, I should go to the 6:00 and as you say, keep the juice for the last miles. Thanks again… Really, really helpful advice….

    lizzie lee

    PS: I watched the trials but not NYC. I will try to find it to see Paula’s last mile. thanks

  2. Unfortunately, I missed it but have found the imagery of performing like an elite athlete to be very helpful. Try imagining you are Paula during the last mile of your next race or training run and see what happens!

  3. I saw her this morning on Good Morning America, with her family. there was footage of her pulling away and then finishing a full 23 seconds ahead. Wow, she is incredible!

    Girl Power!

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