4 days, 14 hours – I’m nearly there..

And am I ready for it? Finally, I think I am getting there. People have been asking me for weeks and I have to say that I’ve been thinking “No, I’m not”. I’ve found it hard to get into my marathon zone for this race.

This is, in part, because I’m not traveling far for it and making complicated arrangements. It’s out on Saturday am (1 hour flight from our local airport), back late Sunday night. Adam’s staying home with the kids so I’m not making my usual complicated childcare arrangements, and I know Amsterdam well so I’m not so concerned with attaching a holiday / sightseeing to it. All good stuff, but all this preparation does get you in the mood, I’ve realised, and because I’ve been so preoccupied with life here I’ve not really focused on my trip.

Then, I suppose, I haven’t been in the mood because part of me is worried about it. Don’t get me wrong – I know I’ll finish it. But I’m worried that I’m not going to finish well enough – in my own judgment. I feel I’ve done a lot of training but over the past 4/5 months I’ve given it 80%, not 100%.. And now that the race is almost here I’m just trying to adjust myself to the fact that I may well not run as well or as fast as I did in last year’s Chicago marathon. And that’s fine too – I know that – I just want to feel fine about that. Does anyone else know what I mean?

However, by and large I’m ready. The training is almost done, it is what it is and I’ve got what I have in my pot. So I’m going to go out there on Sunday morning and give it my best. I promise.. This is the first time I’m running a race with so many of you reading my blog and checking on my progress – adds to nerves but also excitement! I don’t think they’re giving updates during the race but the website is here. And I’ll post as soon as I get home..

Finally – great good luck to all of you out there running a race this weekend – we’re all in this together! Maddy, Shirley and everyone else – stay happy and enjoy the race!


11 thoughts on “4 days, 14 hours – I’m nearly there..

  1. I think you’re being too hard on yourself, Petra. I’ve read about your training runs and I think you’re more than ready. Enjoy the race. I know you’ll rock it!

  2. For sure, traveling a ways to a marathon makes it more motivating to prepare for but you’re feeling they way you are because life just getting in the way of your training or somehow the motivation was lost. It’s much harder to train and be motivated to run a fast marathon vs. just finish (my mileage would need to double, for example).

    I think setting yourself at least 3 goals for this race might help you feel more productive about running it. Make at least one of them non-time-related. Maybe make one a “dream” goal, i.e., if everything goes perfect. I’ll do the same by tomorrow πŸ™‚

  3. Good luck Petra! You’ll do great.

    I have my half this weekend and I ran one in the spring. I feel the same way, I was more motivated in the spring. I looked back at my training log and I only missed one run. This time around, I missed like a dozen runs. Yikes!! So, my time may be worse, but I’ve decided I don’t care. It will give me a reason to run another race next year.

    Have fun and give us the scoop when you get back.

  4. Petra,

    The only one that is worried about you seems to be you. I know from our recent Challenge that you are ready.

    Somehow, for my PWWHM, I was motivated. I knew it. I was ready. But that did not happen until the morning of. Then I knew.

    You know that I look at you as a leader and a motivator! I am just happy that I can return the need for you!

    Good luck, but great skill! You are ready!


  5. You’ll be fine! You’re ready! Enjoy the fact that you are just going to run. It should be easier without a special set up for your kids etc…!

    I can’t wait for the details of your run!

    You’re going to do AWESOME!

    Much love and safe travels,


  6. Petra, I think you’re going to do a great job. You’ve got so much mojo!!!!!

    I can’t wait to read your excellent report. Enjoy your trip!

    Susan πŸ™‚

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  8. Petra – I think you aren’t giving yourself enough credit. You may not have prepared as much as in the past – but you will do well, maybe even surprise yourself.

    I like Shirley’s idea – set 3 goals. Maybe 1 of them might be to meet someone interesting πŸ™‚ or a fellow Phedip listener. Enjoy the course, the ambiance, the people verses trying to set a new time record. Then just enjoy the race.

    Like Susan said – you have the mojo, you are going to rock this marathon! We will be checking to see you you did. Hugs and best of luck πŸ™‚

  9. When I ask myself: “Am I ready?” and I say No. I have a good race.

    When I ask myself “Am I Ready?” and I say Yes. I sometimes have a good race but sometimes a yucky one.

    You can’t worry about it until the gun goes off, there’s too much to try to analyze until that point.

    Focus on your training, you know how to run… this is nothing different except you have a piece of tyvek pinned to you and there are people out on the course. Focus, Run, Enjoy.

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