Okay I was going to go on a complain fast. I was reading about it in Oprah last night (I know I know just don’t even go there) and I realised that I had, in fact, been complaining a lot and it would do me (and those who have to listen) a great deal of good if I just shut up. So I thought this was a great idea. But before I do that I just have to have a few last vents:
– I went to see a friend this week who lives in beautiful Derbyshire, also known as the Peak district, which is about an hour away from here. I went for a lovely 5.5 mile run there even though it’s the PEAK district. Hilly does not begin to describe the sheer crevasses I ran up like a mountain goat (an old ailing one but still). I was all perky and run-happy and even took some photos. I had clearly had a few too many coffees that day because look at the photos.. It was a horrible day! I did really enjoy it – sometimes it’s trips like this that make you realise the joy of running is being able to enjoy places like this – even in the rain. HOWEVER and here is my big moan – I forgot my running shoes at my friend’s house! Now that is not an enormous problem – I do have my “old” ones which are fine BUT my running shoes have my iPod sensor on them and so I am not recording any miles for the Great Pickled Herring challenge that Maddy started! Can you believe the frustration? Anyway I am hoping that I will get my shoes back sometime next week. But I’ve already run another 8 without recording.. Boohoo….
– there is no live update from the Amsterdam Marathon! None of you guys can follow me as the race goes along. They do use chips (doh!) but there is no updating as we go along! I guess I took it for granted – at NYC and Chicago they sent updates to mobile phones and updated on the internet – but no.. How annoying.
– I’m tired. I’m so plodding through my runs. My crazy life shows no sign of calming down and I’m in tired headless chicken mode. Achieving very very little, I might add.

So – ok. Complain fast now. I’m going to store all this frustration and energy within me without letting the top off so there are two options:
– I explode in unbridled fury at whichever poor person it is who does me some perceived tiny wrong which tips the balance. OR
– I do something about those elements I can change that are frustrating me. So I can get some sleep, just enjoy my running without recording my runs and start again when my shoes come back, and just enjoy the marathon.

Plan B is probably preferable for all involved.. So now I’m going to have to cut this entry short because it’s Saturday am, I’m in my study and I can hear my daughter (7) vacuuming downstairs. If she vacuums, something is broken … So in calm and collected mood, I will sail down the stairs and survey the apocalypse. Wish me strength my friends and happy running!


11 thoughts on “&%^)&*(*^%$£$£@^

  1. Hi Petra! Thanks for the race wishes. That Peak district run sounds tough but refreshing, esp. with the rain. Sorry to hear you left your shoes, though. Perhaps there’s some other way to add nonrecorded miles to the GPHC? I mean, it’s a friendly challenge and no one would want you to overdo things during your taper or have to deal with added frustration on top of everything else, would they? And if there’s no way to do that, then the hell with it. You KNOW that less is best during a taper anyway. Don’t sweat the little things in life 😉

  2. Of course even though it isn’t possible to add miles to the challenge through Nike+, should the Nike System declare me the winner, and you have run more miles regardless of the chip, there will be an asterisk to the final results. That’s what friends do.

    I wish we could get live updates of your race progression. However I will have a nine or ten hour time difference that day. Guess who’s logging in to see the final results before she heads off to her own starting line?

  3. One last thought. In America our &*$$!%!^’s usually don’t contain the British Pound. LOL. Is that Shift + 4 on your keyboard?

  4. One last thought. In America our &*$$!%!^’s usually don’t contain the British Pound. LOL. Is that Shift + 4 on your keyboard?

    and it’s probably worth TWICE the expletive of the USD sign “$”

  5. Oh my gosh – you are a hoot! 🙂

    I’m sorry about the shoes.

    I’m glad you have chosen Plan B!!!!

    My ankle is better. THANKS!

    SUSAN 🙂

  6. Petra, sounds like a nice running trip for you, even with rain and hills.

    I’m frustrated of late myself over some of the things I had planned to accomplish this year, but didn’t. Then I decided to look at all I did accomplish this year.

    So I missed the target a couple of times, at least I drew my bow.

    Plan B it girl!

  7. Sounds like the run was great! If you can get more sleep, you will probably have the wherewithall to handle all the rest! 🙂 And sometimes, letting the 7 year old do things really gives them a lift. I let mine paint my toe nails today :-). She had a great time and, well, all my toes look kind of the same.

    Relax, and get excited for your race (just 2 more weeks). We will be checking on your finish and thinking about you that day for sure!! 🙂

  8. That type of weather has some charm!!.

    I understand what missing the tool we count on can do at least to a type A personality. I hope you get them on time.

    keep running

  9. Hi Petra! Sounds like your training is really going well and you’re sure to feel a whole lot better than you did at the White Peak Marathon in Matlock!

  10. Sounds to me like the Peak District transported you into a Zen Runner type of mind frame. I recently ran Moab in the rain. It was not uncomfortable, it was ecstacy! I put my mind on hold and run (or at least my reasonable facsimile thereof). Remember that no area is really flat as everything has ups and downs. It is just that some areas have more ups and downs than other areas.

    My frustration recently is with my new iPod Nano. When I run on the treadmill, I generally watch TV with the iPod on the treadmill. I don’t use earphones as I don’t need them. The click wheel is much smaller than the older iPod Nanos. On several runs, I have inadvertently paused the nike+ chip sensor recording. To get the miles on the iPod after that, I had to run more after restarting the iPod again. I actually thought it might be a plot getting me to run more miles in preparation for a full marathon!

    Best wishes! I am so excited for you!

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