>45 miles – KACHING!

>It’s in the bag! The week following my mojo-meltdown was a triumphant return to running. I ran the 17 miler I gave up on the week before on Tuesday. I know, I know – you’re not meant to make up missed runs but we are all a bit compulsive (aren’t we? am I the only one?) and I needed to prove to myself I could do this. And I did it. I ran for a mile, walked for a minute and then finished the 17 miles with two uninterrupted 9 minute miles. Which was an enormous boost to my confidence. I then did 2 5 milers this week which both turned into tempo runs – I ran one in 47’23” (9’27” minute miles) and the other in 45’53” (9’09” minute miles). Now this is, again, not an example of targeted training – I didn’t intend to run hard nor is my aimed for tempo for the marathon around 9 minute miles – I am aiming for 10 minute miles and am not being terribly successful at hitting that pace. But! (and you knew that but was coming didn’t you) after the week I had had it was an enormous boost to my confidence to know I had that speed in me somewhere. And I appreciate my use of “speed” is relative but for a turtle like myself, that is “speed”!

Then yesterday I did 18 miles with my running pal. I can’t say it was an amazing run – I did struggle at times and our speed was nothing to write home about – it took us 3’22” – but we made it and we got really caught up on our conversations. Always a good thing. And then to top it all off my friend had brought along 4 fresh rolls with ham and home-made chutney which we polished off sitting on a bench in a churchyard overlooking the field and an orchard. What an English scene!

I’ve got a stepback week this week but am fiddling about with it – my running pal wants to run the week after next’s 20M this week so I’m going along with that – might as well knock the first one on the head – and I might do some longer tempo work this week if I can squeeze it in. I’ve got to go to London tomorrow with my son and then back again Wednesday morning and then Thursday they both start school! Yay! Although it will be a bit bittersweet – it’s my son’s first day – the holiday has been so long than I am more than ready for a bit of alone time..

So there we have it. I’m back in the saddle. I even managed to tick another thing off my to-do list – I rambled on in my hideous voice for Kevin, Chris and Nigel and made the contribution I have been promising. All done.

So keep it up and remember – if I can do this, anyone can!


6 thoughts on “>45 miles – KACHING!

  1. >Holy moly – what a week!Good luck with the first day of school. I can’t even imagine what that might be like!You are far from a turtle, Miss Petra.

  2. >How wonderful to hear that your running went so well this week, Petra! You really turned things around and I agree with Susan that a turtle, you’re not. (That’s what slow swimmers like myself are called :-)Good luck on the 20!

  3. >Petra. Any 18-miler is to write home about. Congrats. It does not matter the speed, what matter is the courage. Next Sat I have a 17-miler, my first one. It will take me longer than your 18-miler, so if you are a turtle I am a snail, but that’s ok. We are alive and moving.Keep running!!!!!

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