>me and the elements

>For all my running faults – and I have many – I consider my imperviousness to the elements one of my strengths. I’ll run in rain and sleet and snow and midday heat – not necessarily without complaint, but I will. But this week has just been too much. Although our terrorism news has probably (rightly) taken precedence in the international news, our weather has been unbelievable. In particular in the midlands, where I live – the rain has been of biblical proportions.
We’ve had regular days where a month’s rainfall fell in a day and finally, last Monday, it all got too much. Here on the farm we have a big lake which overflowed everwhere, the normally quiet stream that runs off it turned into a wild raging river and some of the people on the farm were even flooded out of their houses – it’s been quite disastrous. Thankfully we’ve suffered very little apart from a few leaks..

But back to the running – now that has suffered. I run most of my runs – including the dreaded 20 milers – on a 1.4 mile loop on the farm. I know this must seem tedious to many but it’s quite varied – some of it’s in the woods, some out in the open field, and the running surface is great – only about .3 of a mile is a tarmac road, the rest is all packed dirt / mud. I like running out of my front door – I don’t need to bring my drink / food with me (I set up a drinks station), I can stop at the bathroom when I need to and I don’t have to worry about traffic. However, as you can imagine this has deteriorated this past week and I had to give up on my run on Wednesday as I sank up to my knees in mud and water.. So I’ve done rather a lot of my runs on the elliptical which seems appropriate as I always find it hard to cross train – I’ve had few options this week! I finished off with 13 miles yesterday with my friend Sal which we ran nearby on country lanes – it would have been great were it not for the fact I’d hosted a dinner party the night before and had had too much wine and champagne and not enough sleep – it was a slow run! However, I struggled through and felt better for it.

Finally – I’m hoping to record some content this week for The Extra Mile podcast – Nigel, Kevin and MarathonChris have put this together and I am so impressed. I am going to try to not complain again about being busy because how they fit this in besides the rest of their lives I do not know..

Till then, happy trails and hope it’s drier where you are!


11 thoughts on “>me and the elements

  1. >It seems the weather is feast or famine… I was reading in the newspaper this afternoon that we are two feet below the average rainfall over the past year. It sounds like when it’s dry, you have quite the set up for your runs! I can see why sinking to your knees would make you look for other options (and with your new shoes too…)Stay dry.

  2. >we are 11+ inches in drout here in Tennesseee. One of the photographers blogs that I look at each day posted a picture about the weather and how it’s so much. I hope it calms down for you!

  3. >Sorry to hear about all the flooding but glad to hear you didn’t get too much damage from it. Good job getting out there for that 13-miler.Hope things dry out soon!

  4. >I know this sounds crazy, but one of the most basic exercises you can perform from my Tai Chi days is called “standing pole”… you can do it anywhere, anytime, any condition. You simply squat down a bit like you’re riding a horse, keep you spine straight, chin and hold out your arms, elbows down like you are holding a giant ball in front of you. Then concentrate on your breath and sink into it – mentally, spiritually, and physically – just stand there and observe your breath, observe you body, and visualize bringing the earth’s energy through your feet and into your bones. You get strong as an ox this way – ever notice how still the stand? The Chinese Sages call this “like iron wrapped in cotton”… it’s non-intuitive to practice standing still, but to my surprise it was much, much harder than it seems… try.. do…Best regards Petra, keep at it, it will improve, it always does.

  5. >Wow – that is a lot of rain. But the elliptical miles are different than regular miles (in my limited experience). I think you have to work harder for them. But it shows you are getting good XT and keeping the aerobic stuff up, inspite of the rain and mud conditions!Hope the sun comes soon!! 🙂

  6. >I am impressed with how you are sticking to it any way you can. With all that is happening there I say a prayer of peace and safety each day. Keep up the dedication.

  7. >Wow, I didn’t realize you were getting such harsh weather. Here it’s so dry, all of the lawns are dead and the farmers are depressed! I hope things start looking up for you.I don’t know how Kevin, Chris, and the other bloggers get so much done either. Someone please clue me in!Take care Petra!

  8. >Great job getting in your workouts in that weather. I think your farm loop sounds lovely! Hope you get a break in the rain and can get back to your regularly-scheduled loop-running. 🙂

  9. >”Finally – I’m hoping to record some content this week for The Extra Mile podcast – Nigel, Kevin and MarathonChris have put this together and I am so impressed. I am going to try to not complain again about being busy because how they fit this in besides the rest of their lives I do not know..”Another woman puts something in writing! It’s a legal contract now Petra! Don’t make me call my attorneys! Just ask MarathonChris how THAT is!! Hear from you soon.

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