>So-so running

>This week has not been great for running. The last two weeks have been unbelievably busy and I’ve only just managed to get my running in, and then not all of it. Every day seems to have been scheduled from 6am onwards, with me driving backwards and forwards, doing work, doing kids, doing house stuff, doing admin, dealing with our flat in london – it’s been non-stop. My levels of stress have been sky-high – I have been waking around 5:30 in the morning just taut with all I’ve had to accomplish each day. As I said I’ve managed to fit in the running and while it provided some release, to some extent it was also another thing to fit in. Perhaps as a result of that, my running has been so-so this week – no great speeds, no major achievements. I’ve ended up missing one 6 mile pace workout and a cross training session – just not enough hours in the day. However – on balance, I’m pretty happy with it. I’ve kept it up and while they were perhaps “junk miles” they were miles nonetheless and I can look back and marvel that somehow they happened.

The stress is tailing off now, or at least I seem to believe it has, which is all that matters. We’ve done the 7th birthday party, we’ve done various social obligations – we are now running down the last 2 weeks before our holidays begin! And what a holiday! This year we are heading out to Vancouver, British Columbia for 3 weeks on a home exchange. A family from Vancouver is coming to stay in our house and we are staying in theirs, and we are also exchanging cars. It’s very exciting and has prompted quite a bit of work on our part getting our house ready – we have done all sorts of jobs that needed doing for years and I have cleared out everyone’s closets . Again this has been a stress factor but now I feel that we have cleared the hump of it and we’re on the home stretch – almost ready to go! The kids are so excited about it in part because we are going to a city – we live in deep countryside so cities are a thrill. I’m excited about running in Stanley Park and round the coast – it should be beautiful. Anyone know a runner out there I could contact for some tips?

So here’s hoping these next 2 weeks are an improvement on the last 2 weeks, in terms of stress at least. Keep running and keep happy – and stay (or get) chilled!

6 thoughts on “>So-so running

  1. >Wow! It sounds like you have been busy. It sounds like your vacation will be much needed and well deserved. The house exchange sounds really cool and a great way to keep expenses down too.I can’t wait to hear about your running in BC. I think you should be happy that you have been able to get most of your miles in despite all of your stress!I hope you feel less stress over the next few weeks. Happy Running!

  2. >Vancouver sounds wonderful, especially in the summer. I’m sure you’ll have a great time and I agree with Maddy that the house exchange sounds cool (never thought of that!). Also, way to go dealing with all the stress. I know it’s tough to go for a run when there are a million other things that need to get done. You did really well to just get out there. Good job!

  3. >Way to hang in with your running through all the busy-ness and stress. I don’t believe any miles are junk miles. They all count!!!Your upcoming holiday sounds really great! I bet you are looking forward to it. Try to find a little time for you and don’t beat yourself up so much when you can’t get the run in. You will do just fine!

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