>Maddy tagged me..

>For some reason this post was published further down my blog so I hope reposting it will work..

Maddy tagged me and now I have to share 6 weird and unusual things about myself with you. The question is – do you really want to know? It’s taken me a few days to whittle the list down (my husband has proved most helpful and has provided a lot of suggestions) but here goes:
– I can’t whistle. Have tried a lot, for a lot of years, but I can’t do it. However – and IrishBlue is going to be so jealous – I can burp on command.
– I didn’t realise until recently how much of a dealbreaker this is, but I don’t really like chocolate. I don’t mind it but it just isn’t really my thing. In fact, Kevin rescinded an offer of marriage purely on this basis (I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that both he and I are already happily married..);
– My husband and I share a very untrendy taste in music. I won’t divulge too much of the gory details but let me tell you that we were burgled once and the burglars took most of our possessions but left our CD collection. Apparently you can’t buy a lot of crack for a Neil Diamond CD.
– Related to this last point – I walked up the aisle to the wedding march from the Sound of Music. ‘Nuff said.
– Like Maddy, I live next door to my father-in-law. It makes for an interesting life..
– my best friend helped me realise recently that my first crush ever was on Gopher from the Love Boat. How sad is that?

Well everyone – you know some very weird things about me now. I guess if you meet me in a race now you may well speed up ahead rather than linger alongside..

Happy trails!


8 thoughts on “>Maddy tagged me..

  1. >Who Didn’t have a crush on Gopher? 1970’s hottie – 2007,not so much.The good thing about your muscial taste is that your husband has the same taste. If nothing else, you two can be “Forever in Blue Jeans” And the in-law thing – Wow! I too thought I might be the only one, because who would do that? ;-)Thanks for sharing

  2. >Thanks for sharing…interesting stuff. On the music thing, let’s just say that one of my favorite running tunes is “Stayin Alive”.I figure if I don’t get up to date my kids will know I am square for sure!

  3. >You’re right, I’m so jealous! And guess what, I can’t whistle either! Hmmm, what exactly am I good for? ;-)Thanks for sharing those interesting facts about yourself!

  4. >Very interesting. I’ve sometimes seen people say 101 things about themselves on blogs and I always thought that seemed a bit overboard. But 6, 7 or even 10 is easy enough to read. Thanks for sharing!

  5. >The not eating Chocolate would not have been a deal breaker for me… mainly because I wouldn’t have to share! Neil Diamond? Well, if my favorite group is from Swindon England, then I guess it’s okay…That’s cool that you marched up the aisle to something that (at least in the US) is non traditional!

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