Finally! It’s sad but I’ve been desperate to blog, just couldn’t find the time! I’ve been running around working, doing house stuff and doing lots of family stuff. I’ve started every day with a to-do list. Crazy!

First things first – running. On Friday I had my first Adium chat with Maddy which was wonderful and we motivated each other for each other’s long run. Mine was going to be 10 miles. But, dear readers, I couldn’t do it. It was hot (which I know a lot of you can handle but for us thick-skinned northern europeans can prove a bit of a challenge) and I was exhausted after a crazy busy week – I gave up after 5 miles and felt rotten about myself. Reading other blogs I realised that some of you work much harder than I do (getting up at 5 am to run, Susan? You’re amazing!) but I just couldn’t get it together. After a good night’s sleep on Sunday night I woke up at 6 and resolved to run the other 5 miles as well as cross train. Which, amazingly, I had done by 9am. The day was still crazy busy but at least I got my running in. It still bugged me, however, that I had bailed on my first long run of my training – everyone else had managed so I felt I was being weak. Then Tuesday – which again was really busy – I suddenly found myself with a 2 hour gap in the day while my son had a trial session at “big school”. So, this time, despite still being exhausted and despite the fact it was far hotter than Sunday I decided there would be no more excuses so I dropped him off at school and headed out for a 10miler! And I accomplished it! What a feeling! I felt I had really beat myself which was great! So I’m back on track and back on schedule and determined to plan my time a bit more cleverly in the next months. Fitting in marathon training around the rest of your life is a big part of the challenge of training, imho..

I’ve also resolved my sartorial crisis you will all be relieved to hear. Thank you for all your feedback as to what to wear – I appreciate it. Having returned my running kit to the store I went online and ordered a Sugoi skort and top. Having read Maddy’s extensive research into the skort I felt it was an option worth considering. Both items arrived on Tuesday just prior to my long run and so I tested them on a long hot run and they are brilliant! Running chic(k) has arrived! What do you think? Timeless elegance and sporty practicality, teamed with a crazy 4 year-old – life doesn’t get any better.

In other news, I’ve been tagged by Maddy. I was a bit slow on the uptake – I had to visit her blog to work it out – but I’m hoping to post 6 weird things about me. It’s taking me some time to narrow it down, guys..

So keep running, keep blogging about it. It’s so motivational and really provides me with the kick up the backside I sometimes so desperately need!

5 thoughts on “Finally..

  1. A few thoughts I had reading your post…

    * How awesome does it feel to know that you were probably the only mom who had a little one a “Big School Trial” that took the time to run 10 miles. The others probably went shopping or to Starbucks.

    You look so cute in the skort! I hope it works and makes you feel like a million bucks or a million Euro. (Does the phrase “feel like a million bucks” exists where there are no “bucks” ?)

    I’m so proud you got your run in! One way or another. We all have days we’re not feelin’ it!

    You Rock!

  2. Way to go on getting that run in and your new found determination! Like Maddy said, we all have the days that are good and days that are bad – then those days when finding time is challenging (especially with young ones in tow).

    The new outfit looks great!!!

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