>Gearing up for events ahead..

I went to our local running store this afternoon and purchased some new bits of gear that I’m going to need in the next few months.. First and foremost – a new pair of shoes. For some reason I’m pretty hard on my shoes so my old Saucony Hurricanes were losing some of their bounce. I had to swallow a bit to buy a new pair (they are not cheapest option and I could have, conceivably, gone for some cheaper Omnis or some Brooks shoes) but I have to say that I really have loved my Hurricanes so, in for a penny in for a lot of pounds..

So in the photo you see my old pair (with my Polar pod on) and my new pair, with 3 new pairs of socks and some sports Jelly Beans (I love those!) and also a chocolate energy gel which the guy in the shop insisted I tried as apparently lots of people who hate gels can handle this one. Given that I don’t even like chocolate when I’m not running (my ONE saving diet grace believe me) I’m not convinced but hey.

I also splurged on some black SKINS shorts (compression shorts) and a black short-sleeved shirt but I’m going to take them back. The compression shorts may work but I just don’t think I can cope with my heinie in them – they’re just too revealing. And the fact they’re black just doesn’t disguise my behind or the size of my thighs. Can I run in a hijab? But joking aside ladies – please send me some advice. How much does it matter to you what you look like in what you run in? I am somewhat bottom heavy – short sturdy legs, remember? – and my favourity gear is a NB short with built in compression shorts and a tight Helly Hansen shirt but the tight shirt on top draws attention to the mass on bottom so it would be good to have something somehow more balanced on top. I’ve followed Maddy’s skorts / boardshorts debate – but I have to confess I think running shorts are probably more comfortable and that DOES matter over 26 miles. I just find that if I dress for comfort I can’t bear to look at the photos of me afterwards.. Should I just put that aside? Any thoughts welcome..


12 thoughts on “>Gearing up for events ahead..

  1. >Petra! After hearing about your homemade oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip cookies I was about to ask you to marry me! But now I see that, besides the small obstical that we are both already married, I see you don’t like chocalote! I’m sorry dear, this just won’t work! 😉

  2. >I’m such a girl… It’s really important to me that I feel like I look good when I’m running (even at 5:30 AM on my treadmill)The key is to find the comfortable clothes that make you feel like a million bucks!

  3. >Comfort all the way for me!!! Just look at my race photos!!! But still, I am a little conscious of the 200 cars on their way to UCF that go by me on my morning runs. That is why that in spite of the heat, I will always wear some kind of shirt or singlet (vs a running bra). Ah well!

  4. >Hi Petra! Thanks for visiting my blog. :)I truly know how you feel about choosing flattering but functional running clothes- it’s so tough! But I think comfort and function should come way before appearance. Just know that you are a strong and beautiful athlete! People are impressed by your devotion and your hard work, not your outfit. And think of this- you’re getting fit in dorky clothes so you can look hot in regular clothes! :)Thanks again for popping over to my blog. 🙂 I started swimming just to cross train, but now I love it! I am doing a “Tri for Fun” beginner’s triathlon in August, but I have a lot of training to do on the bike before then. Right now just focusing on my first love, running. 🙂 Stop by again!!

  5. >I’ve worn some of the duckiest outfits you can imagine when I run. I just pull my hat way down and pray nobody recognizes me.I like skorts so I’ve been following Maddy’s running skirt entries too, also CRN did a review of several. I may take the leap and buy one.I’m all about the sports beans too! Love your new gear. Have fun with it.

  6. >I go for comfort mainly, which usually means better performance, but admit I like to try to look good in race photos. Sometimes the photographers just don’t get the right angle though 😉

  7. >Ha ha – know what you mean about the Skins! I got a pair, but they’re so flashy-looking I want to lose the love-handles before I wear them in public. In a way, it’s good motivation to drop a few pounds – means I have to earn the right to wear them. ^__^dublinmarathon2007.com

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