>marathon? here i come, i think..

>Life took over the last week – work, family, home etc.. but the running didn’t suffer. I managed to get out to running club on Tuesday and then ran most days of last week, managing 9 miles on Saturday and Sunday despite late nights. However, by yesterday those late nights came home to roost – I only managed two before going to bed very early last night. Still, I am feeling positive and have decided, more or less definitely (is there such a thing?) to enter the Amsterdam marathon on October 21st.

Still haven’t decided on a training program but ShirlyPerly of the Humble Triathlete blog has very generously and kindly offered to help me out there. I’m going to be e-mailing her my details and info today and see what she says. I’m still interested in the Hansons program but the fact that there is no book out there about it makes it that much more difficult to do, I think. What do you think? Other exciting news is that Maddy is going the whole hog and running a marathon as well so we can cheer each other on from across the Atlantic!

Otherwise – I just got the MP3 files for this CD that Dr. Monte is putting together on weight loss and healthy lifestyles and to which I made a contribution. Great stuff but AWFUL hearing my voice – I sound like Mary Poppins! I don’t know how people do this podcasting thing, this has made me realise I definitely can’t listen to myself. Anyway – I will let you all know when it comes out and you can see what you think.

And that’s it! Uneventful life this week which makes a nice change. Keep runnning!


6 thoughts on “>marathon? here i come, i think..

  1. >Hi Petra! Thanks so much for support my cause! I really appreciate it!Our Marathons are on the same day. That will be exciting! I can’t wait to read about your training!This is going to be AWESOME!

  2. >Hi Petra,Please go ahead an email me the info whenever you get the chance. Besides my race on Sunday morning, I’m not doing too much this weekend except resting 🙂

  3. >Welcome back! I understand the busy life thing….Lots of races coming up this fall. MCM is the weekend after your races, so we can all be training and encouraging each other!

  4. >Petra,Congratulations on almost committing to running a marathon. I guess you know that you are doing one, just figuring out which one!Listening to one’s voice is kind of weird, but you get used to it. Unless you want to talk all funny, there really isn’t much that you can do about. Trust me, I know from experience, I have learned from countless times over the phone to just go with the flow when someone tells me “Yes ma’am” or “Ms. Higgins”. Congratulations on your contribution!

  5. >Mrathon decision – whoo hoo! Good for you! My next race will be the Soldier Field 10 (miler) in Chicago on May 26th. I can’t wait!I am contemplating the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis, Tennessee on December 1st. Maybe we can share training plans!

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