>Rooting for Saint Stephen

>It’s Patriot’s Day over in the United States and we runners know what that means – it’s Boston Marathon day. For so many of us it’s a dream to one day qualify (it certainly is for me, see my previous post) but until that happens, we live vicariously through others who are running it. And for a lot of us running bloggers, podcasters and podcast lovers that running friend is going to be Steve Runner of Phedippidations who is braving the weather and the hills today on his quest for, at the very least, a course PB. He’s run it before – today is his 6th attempt – and the second time that he podcasts while running. Last year – how shall I put this delicately? – things did not go too well for him – a couple of pre-race bagels and a course of antibiotics fought a battle with Steve while he was running.. But never one to shirk from a challenge, Steve announced last year that he was going to focus on his running above all else and he’s really gone for it. Training-wise he’s moved from an adapted Hal Higdon schedule to an unusual but highly promising schedule by the Hanson brothers, he’s had some expert advice and most importantly – he has dedicated himself to getting into the best shape ever to run the race and smash his previous records.

The day has dawned in the US, Steve has mailed us to tell us he’s awake and posted a picture of himself before the race – can you sense the excitement? All of his fans can sign up and receive e-mails of his progress and sign up for Flick’r and Twitter updates along the way. Go on over to his website to add your name to the list and make sure to listen to next week’s podcast when we’ll be getting the blow by blow account.

Run long Steve – and conquer!


4 thoughts on “>Rooting for Saint Stephen

  1. >Hey Petra!How cool is it that we all consider Steve a friend? Heck, I consider YOU my friend now! Do you baby sit? ;-)Wish we had known each other a few years ago when I visited Manchester!

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