No marathon in May after all..

Well – that’s one way to kill the suspense.. As you all know I was intending to run a marathon in Derbyshire on May 19th and I was well on my way – well, sort of on my way, to running it when I was felled by a chest infection which took nearly 2 weeks out of my training. Last week I decided I would get back in the saddle and pick up where I left off. Channel my inner diesel is how I put it.. Well guys – the tank was emptier than I thought. I didn’t tell you – because I didn’t want to tell me – how hard I found my first 8 miler with Sally. The rest of the runs that week weren’t very good either – I was just exhausted. This week I have managed a few 4 milers but really that’s been all that I’ve been capable of. I have had to acknowledge that doing a 20 miler tomorrow would be madness and that I may well not have been able to do it…

Aarrggghhh – even as I write this part of me is thinking “am I sure? I could try?”. Another part of me is so terrified of giving up (of failing, which I know it isn’t but there is that devil on my shoulder who tells me it is) for fear of – what exactly? Rationally I know that I have just been ill and it has taken me longer than I had thought to recover and, as such, I have not been able to train enough to get through and enjoy this marathon. Best thing to do is pick another race in Autumn and get ready for that. Pluses – I’m in good shape to begin with (once I really leave this chestiness behind, and that is happening now) and I could take on a different plan which motivates me more. But emotionally – ha! Now there’s a different game. I actually like training – I like the discipline and the structure and I hate this feeling that, this time, I have not been able to lead it to its intended conclusion. I also hate the feeling that I might have been able to – might I?

Well – truth of the matter is – I’ve stopped training for now and am just running my daily 4-5 mile maintenance runs. I’m contemplating entering this September’s Nottingham marathon. If I did a 20 week Hanson-style training program I’ll need to start at the end of this month. Maybe the best way to kick away the blues is to get stuck in again and maybe be a bit smarter this time – sleep a bit more, stress a little less. Meditate! Adam Tinkoff has been very helpful and it’s certainly affecting my sleep very positively. And perhaps just take a day off if I’m feeling poorly rather than wait for the big whammy..

Anyway – enough whingeing. Tomorrow is Boston and I’m just keeping all fingers, toes etc. crossed for Steve Runner from Phedippidations who has really upped the ante on his training this year and shown admirable focus and dedication, all in his quest to break 4 hours. I’ll be following him on the web and through text messages – all really exciting stuff. My underlying plan is to somehow pull a sub 4 hour marathon when I’m 39 so that I can then use that time to qualify for the 40-45 group the year after. What a dream eh!

In the meantime, hope everyone else’s running is going well and stay in touch!


4 thoughts on “No marathon in May after all..

  1. It’s only a race, Petra. Take life on your own terms and run the 26.2 when you are good and ready. You don’t need a number or a finish-line, just some legs and a bit of determination. You can do anything you put your mind and spirit towards – but you also have to respect the time it actually takes to get there. So if not now, there will be later. You are still on the path. It’s all in the journey, not the destination.

  2. I agree with Adam. The beuaty about running is that there is always another race – some time somewhere…

    It sounds like you’ll be happier with the results if you wait until the fall.

    By the way, the stretching has done wonders. My hip pain is completely gone.

  3. I also agree with Adam. We often place too much stress on ourselves over these type of things. Remember this is for fun and a healthier you. You will get there only if you make sure to take care of yourself.

  4. Petra, I have ran marathons with proper training and ran marathons with little (to no) training… listen to Adam, it’s just a race. If you don’t respect the marathon, it can hurt you. If you still want to be part of the marathon… volunteer to work it. I’m sure they could use the help and I encourage EVERY marathon runner to volunteer during a race… it gives such a better understanding of the whole concept of the marathon event, not just the running.

    Build your base, work on your speed and you’ll be ready for a fall marathon!

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