>Ok body – I hear ya..

>You’re always told to listen to your body – much wiser people than myself repeat this message and yet – do I hear it? Nooooohhh. Most of the time I run around like a crazy woman without enough time to think ahead, with one finger in as many pies as possible and the other one in my ear singing “lalala” to drown out all those around me who tell me to calm down. Well – for once – I think I’m getting the message.

After Wednesday’s run I took yesterday off running but today – a beautiful if windy one – I thought I would make up for it by running 8 after work. But you know what – it’s just not in there at the moment. I don’t know why – it’s true I’m tired, it’s true I’m busy, but I’ve run through all that before – but the important thing is – I’m worn out. So – I’m going to give myself a break. I’m taking tomorrow off, running the 10K on Sunday at whatever pace feels comfortable (I can hear you saying “oh yeah right” but I’m really going to try!) and then – shock horror – I’m going to take the next 4 days off. I’m due to go on a long-awaited break with my husband – 4 days together in Berlin – and, I barely dare write this, I don’t think I’ll pack my running shoes.. And then – to top it off – I’m not going to make up the missed runs. I’ll see if I can get back into my schedule, which should, in theory, work – I’ve done it after illness – and if it doesn’t – then I’ll make my decisions from there. Hopefully the break from running will revitalise and reinvigorate me and make me happy to be back on the road. It’s not that I’m not happy running but my body is just so tired these past few days. Sleep has been a lot better – thank you Marathon Chris for the bath and the glass of wine tip – but I think I’m just going to try this.

Hope all your running is going better – let me know what’s going on!


4 thoughts on “>Ok body – I hear ya..

  1. >I love your plan! Sometimes you just need a break 🙂 Get lots of sleep and just enjoy the 4 day get away to Berlin! Kind of goes with that Phedip episode on burn out!Enjoy the 10K on Sunday!!! Looking forward to your race report.

  2. >I was in a funk a few weeks ago – the unintentional break I took, while frustrating at the time, left me energized and full of spunk I hadn’t felt in a long time.Enjoy your break, It will do you good.Good luck on Sunday

  3. >Well hello Petra! Thanks for the shout out on my blog. I’ve heard LOTS about you from Adam. In fact, more today during my run listening to Burning 20 in Texas! And I REALLY like the company you keep! Maddy and Chris! I can tell you will be yet another woman who impresses me!!!! Kevin

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