>Spring sprang – and jumped right back again..

>After a week of beautiful weather, early morning runs and the prospect of spring, the weather has changed right back again.. Very cold, slightly snowy and very windy on my 6am run this morning. Doesn’t bode well for the 17 miles I’m intending to run tomorrow afternoon … However, I will be able to roadtest my new Camelbak Octane backpack – a bigger container than my waist pack to prepare me for a marathon with one (1!) water station.. Sometimes the gizmos keep me going I think..

Having said that, this morning I went out without my watch and footpod – just ran what I know to be 4 miles – and sometimes it feels great not to be measuring myself all the time, just to run for the running. Ironically, I think I ran it well within 40 minutes which makes it an unintended pace run. Oh well .. unlikely to happen tomorrow.

Other than that little to report – life is still busy and I’m sleeping marginally better. Lots going on and I’m generally too psyched to sleep so still – relaxation tips more than welcome from anyone out there. The honesty of this blog is outlined by my picture above – part of me questions my putting that unflattering picture up there but hey ho – that’s what i look like when i don’t sleep long and it’s 6 am.

Happy running and stay with it everyone.


4 thoughts on “>Spring sprang – and jumped right back again..

  1. >No kidding,I was enjoying spring and now it is winter again! I’m looking forward to your Fitness Rocks interview, Petra! Maybe we can meet up at the White Peak race (but I’m only doing the “Swift” half.. its just the second half of the marathon and mostly downhill – cheating!) Regards, Drusy

  2. >Hey Petra, thanks for the post on my blog! It is always great to meet new friends in the running community :-)Hang in there with the cold weather – spring will come. Although I live in Florida, I grew up in Vermont! Have a good run tomorrow!Hmmm, relaxation ideas… how about a glass of wine and a nice hot bath before bedtime? Puts me right to sleep! 🙂

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