>Slight change of strategy

>Slight change of strategy. Life took over last week and I didn’t get all my runs in and I realised I was crazy trying to get ready for a 20 miler in 4 weeks when I haven’t run further than 6 in three months.. I was putting so much pressure on myself to accelerate through a training schedule that a knee pain I haven’t felt in years emerged and that’s when I realised I had to stop and be sensible.

So, my reasoned response is to pull out Stamford and instead I’ve entered the White Peak marathon in May. It’s a totally different marathon from NYC and Chicago. Only 200 entrants, run on trails (though not very difficult ones, apparently road shoes are fine), very few water stations and not many spectators. However, the scenery should be pretty spectacular – Derbyshire is beautiful – and I just love being in that area. I’m going to try and not pressurize myself time-wise – I just need to get past the 10M point by 2 hours as they pull you off otherwise – there aren’t enough people marshalling to be able to deal with the slowpokes, apparently. If I can cruise at 1o minute miles I should be fine though. So I’m going back to Hal Higdon’s intermediate I programme and doing the cross training properly this time as well as some strength and hill training (thanks for that tip Terry – I’ve been quite lax on that in the past and particularly for this marathon it’s going to be really important).

In the course of my training I’m planning a few shorter races – perhaps the Sleaford half (if my knee is recovered) and the Lincoln 10K. Going back to the knee – I hope that it can be remedied with new shoes. I’ve been running in my Asics Gel Kayanos which I love but which I think are just a tad too unsupportive. I went back to an old pair of Brooks Adrenalins today and the pain was much alleviated. I think I’ve done more than 500 miles in both pairs though so as soon as there is a glimmer of light in my financial darkness I shall invest in something new.

Went to our local running shop on Friday to buy my husband some running kit – yes! – and they introduced me to the concept of Skins – this amazing compression clothing which they say has a marked effect on your recovery rate. I’m quite tempted by a new pair of tights – I spilled bleach down my one pair and they’re looking pretty grim now – but hoo ha! the price! 60 pounds for a pair! Anyone out there tried them and reckon they’re worth it? I’m very willing to be convinced but need some independent support.. In the meantime, it’s not been too cold to run in shorts yet so I’m fine, if a tad blue.

Right – schedule begins tomorrow. Cross training and weights. So I’m going to do 30mins on my crosstrainer (I’ll try to do 6K in that time) and then do weight and resistance. After listening to Adam Tinkov of Burning Twenty I decided to invest in some weights and a resistance band – I will keep you posted on progress or lack thereof. I’m somewhat daunted – it all looks amazingly serious for me – but hey – 4 years ago I had never run more than a mile so maybe I can manage some light weights and some exercises. I am always stumped by the enormous amount of things I have to remember at the same time with exercises – when to breathe, what to relax, what to tighten – my brain starts to panic – but I’m really going to try this time. I might even post some pictures if I can manage to make it all look faintly credible.

Off to bed now after an alcohol-free night – oh, the thrills of being an athlete…


4 thoughts on “>Slight change of strategy

  1. >Hey stranger, I just signed up for running fit club at Burton Waters for tomorrow (Fri) at 1:15pm and the Lincoln 10K. Thought you might be able to join me for both!! Maybe it is just me, but it really makes me want to scream when runners blame injuries on shoes – new shoes are not the cure and usually not the reason for injury, IMHO. Remember Zola Budd!! Forget Nike ads!

  2. >I love the resiliency of the runner… being able to strategize on different races.You’ll need new shoes before you need new tights. Paige makes a point that new shoes are not the cure all, and if chosen incorrectly can be worse… but you need shoes that are in good condition… the rule of thumb is 300 miles for a pair of shoes, some can go further some (like me) are much less…

  3. >As a veteran of 16 marathons and about 100 other races, I want to tell you that you did the smart thing by rescheduling to May if you weren’t ready for the 20 miler. Just stay patient and steady and the miles will come. If you get a chance, please visit my running web site, Faithful Soles. I have a categorized and searchable Running Blog Database on there and would appreciate it if you would link your blog to it.

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