running to stay on top..

The past week has not been great for running. As I’ve mentioned, my 3 year old son needs to go to hospital for an operation and this has all come up rather suddenly. We are delighted that he’s having this operation – he needs it – but obviously, apprehensive about it, worried for him, and the practicalities of leaving my life behind for 2 weeks in December are also a bit overwhelming..

However, we’re nearly there now – we set off for London today and then he will go into hospital tomorrow. And – I’ve packed my running gear. Hanging around hospitals 24 hours a day is draining and I’m hoping to be able to get out for 45 minutes and have a run most days, just to blow the stress and tiredness out of my head.. It’s one of the things I love most about running – the ability to just lace up my shoes and go. And usually, whatever the run or the weather, I feel a lot better by the time I get back. So I’ll probably not be blogging for a week or 2 but will definitely be running…


4 thoughts on “running to stay on top..

  1. Petra,

    I was going to try to write something pithy and droll because I heard you mentioned on Steve’s goofy little podcast this week and you were kind enough to leave me a comment on my blog…

    Good luck in London. I hope all goes well with the operation for your son. Your family is in my thoughts.

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