>The new leaf is hanging on..

Yesterday’s workout with the Lincolnshire and District Runners was another good one – a decent 60 minute run with some speedwork thrown in. Don’t like running on the roads and pavements though – it’s pretty hairy and we seem to keep running red lights. Memo to self – wait at the lights and use the catchup to the group as extra speedwork..

After last night’s exertions I decided to carry on in the new vein and did 25 minutes of hard interval work on my crosstrainer. I bought it last year when I was injured and desperate to keep up my levels of fitness. It’s not half as much fun as running and I find it harder work but it’s really good for interval work – I think I push myself harder than I would outside, certainly by myself. I put some podcasts on to listen to and went for it and feel the warm glow of exercise success now. I even had the presence of mind to take a photo of my sweaty face a few minutes afterwards..

I feel I’m getting back into the swing of things and am even quite excited about doing more speedwork. I’ve put it off for so long, feeling that it was something I was awful at but I’m done with that kind of thinking. I didn’t think I could run and I’ve done 2 marathons, so I’m not going to be vanquished by speedwork. I’ll never win any medals but that’s not going to stop me. Cross country in 2 weeks – only about 6K apparently so I could treat that as a speed session – we’ll see.

In the meantime, nice and easy runs tomorrow and Friday, day off on Saturday and then a long run on Sunday. I’m back in the saddle..


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  1. >You have that hard-workout-euphoria-glow about you. Glad to hear that you are getting more excited about the speedwork after your marathon. It’s like the phoenix after the marathon…

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